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Alexander A. Dekovich, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Hepat,& Nutr, Division of Internal Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Unit Number: 1466
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713-794-5073
Fax: 713-745-4907

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1974 Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit,, MI, MD
1970 Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, BS

Postgraduate Training

1978-1980 Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI
1977-1978 Chief Medical Resident, Wayne State University Affiliated Internship and Residency Program, Grace Hospital, Detroit,, MI
1975-1977 Resident in Medicine, Wayne State University Affiliated Internship and Residency Program, Hutzel Hospital, Detroit,, MI
1974-1975 Straight Medical Internship, Wayne State University Affiliated Internship and Residency Program, Hutzel Hospital, Detroit,, MI

Board Certifications

11/1985 American Board of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
6/1977 American Board of Internal Medicine
7/1975 National Board of Medical Examiners

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Singal AK, Dekovich AA, Tam AL, Wallace MJ. Percutaneous transesophageal gastrostomy tube placement: an alternative to percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy inpatients with intra-abdominal metastasis. Gastrointest Endosc 7(2):402 - 406, 2/2010. PMID: 20152318.
2. Dekovich AA. Endoscopic treatment of colonic obstruction. Curr Opin Gastroenterol 25(1):50-4, 1/2009. PMID: 19119510.
3. Leung KK, Dekovich AA. Buried Bumper syndrome: An Uncommon Complication of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy. Visible Human Journal of Endoscopy,, 7/2008.
4. Leung KK, Dekovich AA. An Unusual Complication Following Enteral Stent Placement. Visible Human Journal of Endoscopy (VHJE),, 6/2008.
5. Ross WA, Ghosh S, Dekovich AA, Liu S, Ayers GD, Cleary KR, Lee JH, Couriel D. Endoscopic biopsy diagnosis of acute gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease: rectosigmoid biopsies are more sensitive than upper gastrointestinal biopsies. Am J Gastroenterol 103(4):982-9, 4/2008. e-Pub 11/2007. PMID: 18028511.
6. Izzo JG, Correa AM, Wu TT, Malhotra U, Chao CK, Luthra R, Ensor J, Dekovich AA, Liao Z, Hittelman WN, Aggarwal BB, Ajani JA. Pretherapy nuclear factor-kappaB status, chemoradiation resistance, and metastatic progression in esophageal carcinoma. Mol Cancer Ther 5 (11)(11):2844-2850, 11/2006. e-Pub 11/2006. PMID: 17121931.
7. Fukami N, Stroehlein JR, Dekovich AA. Therapeutic endoscopy training system in the United States. Clinical Gastroenterology 21:(9) 1322, 2006. e-Pub 2006.
8. Ma CK, De Peralta MN, Amin MB, Linden MD, Dekovich AA, Kubus JJ, Zarbo RJ. Small intestinal stromal tumors: a clinicopathologic study of 20 cases with immunohistochemical assessment of cell differentiation and the prognostic role of proliferation antigens. Am J Clin Pathol 108(6):641-51, 12/1997. PMID: 9384445.
9. Alam K, Batra SK, Dekovich AA, Shih, JW, Mozez, MF. Recurrence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation Presenting as Graft Rejection. Hepato-Gastro Supp I, 40:11-13, 1/1993. e-Pub 1/1993.
10. Gubbins GP, Dekovich AA, Ma CK, Batra SK. Collagenous colitis: report of nine cases and review of the literature. South Med J 84(1):33-7, 1991. PMID: 1986425.
11. Behrle KM, Dekovich AA, Ammon HV. Spontaneous tube extrusion following percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. Gastrointest Endosc 35(1):56-8, 1989. PMID: 2493408.
12. Arlow FL, Dekovich AA, Priest RJ, Beher WT. Bile acids in radiation-induced diarrhea. South Med J 80(10):1259-61, 10/1987. PMID: 3660042.
13. Arlow FL, Dekovich AA, Priest RJ, Beher WT. Bile acid-mediated postcholecystectomy diarrhea. Arch Intern Med 147(7):1327-9, 7/1987. PMID: 3606289.
14. DeJongh DC, Van Fossen RY, and Dekovich AA. Pyrolysis of Aromatic Sulfites and Carbonates. Tetrahedron Letters 58:5945-5948, 1970. e-Pub 1970.


1. Fukami N, Dekovich AA, Sericati MR, Maru D, Wang H, Hofstetter WL. Multifocal High-Grade Dysplasia (Mfhgd) in Barrett's Esophagus is Associated with Adenocarcinoma in Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) for Barrett's Esophagus, Gastroenterology, vol 134, #4, Suppl 1 (#M1320), 4/2008.
2. Brenner J, Lynch PM, Wallace MJ, Dekovich AA. Retrograde/Antegrade ("Rendezvous") Endotherapy of Complete Esophageal Occlusion, Gastroenterology vol 134, #4, Suppl 1 (#T1543), 4/2008.
3. Fukami, N, Dekovich AA, Hamilton YL, Ross, WA. Self-expandable Plastic Stent (SEPS) for Treatment of Benign and Malignant Strictures of the Esophagus and Colon: a US Cancer Center Experience. 71st ACG Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course Accepted for poster presentation at the 71st ACG Annual Scientific Meeting and Post Grad Course, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, 10/2006. e-Pub 10/2006.
4. Ross W, Dekovich AA, Cleary KR, Ghosh S, Lee JH, Couriel DR. Endoscopic Diagnosis of Early Gastrointestinal Graft-Versus-Host Disease. Gastroenterology 130, #4, Suppl 2:A1, 2006. e-Pub 2006.
5. Velanovich, V, Gasparri M, Dekovich AA, Webb W, Ben-Menachem T, Murphy R, Karmy-Jones R. Surgical Management Improves Symptoms and Quality of Life in Patients with Paraesophageal Hernias. Gastroent 116:50309, 1999.
6. Muftah, A, Batra SK, Dekovich AA. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma of the Gastroenteral Tract: Experience at a Large Urban Medical Center. Digestive Disease Week, Boston MA, 1993.
7. Ma CK, Dekovich AA. Stromal Tumors of the Small Intestine: Clinical, Pathological and Imunohistochemical Study. Am J Clin Path 98:349, 1992.
8. Mozez, M, Dekovich AA, Fath J, Hasse J. Nutritional Implications of Organ Failure and Transplantation - Symposium. Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, 11/1989.
9. Verbeck, SR, Zonca MC, Wong DKH, Dekovich AA, Batra SK. Esophageal Stricture Secondary to Endoscopic Sclerotherapy. ASGE 31(No. 2), 1985.

Grant & Contract Support

Title: A Multi-center, Parallel Group Placebo Controlled Double Blind Study to Determine the Effect of 156 Weeks of Treatment with MK-0096 on Recurrence of Neoplastic Polyps of the Large Bowel
Funding Source: Merck Research Laboratories
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Robert S. Bresalier
Duration: 1/1/2001 - 1/1/2005
Title: Aspirin Prevention of Large Bowel Polyps
Funding Source: NIH
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Robert S. Bresalier
Duration: 12/1/1998 - 11/30/2003
Title: Folate, DNA Methylatin and Carcinogenesis in the Large Bowel
Funding Source: NIH
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Robert S. Bresalier
Duration: 12/1/1998 - 11/30/2003

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