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Emil J Freireich

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Ruth Harriet Ainsworth Chair, Developmental Therapeutics, Developmental Therapeutics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1949 University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, MD, (with honors), Medicine
1947 University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL, BS, Medicine

Honors and Awards

2010 10th Edward H. Ahrens Jr. Award, SCTS/ACRT/APOR
2009 Castle Connolly National Physician of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.
2008 Paul Ehrlich Magic-Bullet Lifetime Achievement Award
2006 Honorary First Fellow Award, 40th Anniversary of the Medical Oncology Fellowship Program
2005 Founding Member, The University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education
2005 Gerald P. Bodey Sr., M.D. Distinguished Award
2003 Pollin Prize for Pediatric Research, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
2001 9th Cino del Duca Award, 11th International Congress on Anti-Cancer Treatment
2000 Charles A. LeMaistre, M.D. Outstanding Achievement Award in Cancer
2000 Faculty Achievement Award for Education, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
2000 Signator of The Treaty of Paris Against Cancer
2000 The President's Award, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
2000 University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award
1999 50th Anniversary Commemorative Award, Leukemia Society of America
1999 Nagib Taleb Award, 4th Middle East Oncology Congress
1999 Partners in Courage Achievement Award, American Cancer Society
1997 Dr. Emil J Freireich Day
1997 Festschrift Symposium in Honor of 70th Birthday
1996 Medical Oncology Fellows Outstanding Teacher Award, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1996 Medicus Hippocraticus Award, First International Medical Olympiad
1996 Member, The University of Texas System Faculty Advisory Council
1996 Return of the Child Award, Leukemia Society of America
1995 Distinguished Service to Graduate Medical Education, The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
1994 1st Dr. Arlan J. Gottlieb Memorial Award, Leukemia Society of America, Central NY Chapter
1994 C. Edwin Cohn-C.G.P. de Laval Award, World Apheresis Association
1994 Dean's Excellence Award, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
1993 Chairman, Faculty Senate, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1993 Listed in The Best Doctors in America
1992 Gold Medal of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryck
1992 Silver Medal of the Faculty of Pediatrics of the Charles University
1991 First Allen Latham, Jr. Award for Scientific Contribution to the Development of Apheresis of the European Society of Haemapheresis
1990 Recipient of the First National Institutes of Health Distinguished Alumni Award
1989 Outstanding Achievement Award in Recognition of Notable Contributions in Cancer, 24th Annual Meeting American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery
1988 Henry M. and Lillian Stratton Lecture, XXII Congress of the International Society of Hematology
1987 Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy Prize, International Society of Medical Ethics, Philosophy, Methodology and Economy
1985 Outstanding Investigator Award, National Cancer Institute
1984 First Harold Lupiloff Award in Oncology, Wayne State University
1983 Alpha Epsilon Delta, The Prehealth Honor Society
1983 Charles F. Kettering Prize, General Motors Cancer Research Foundation
1982 Fourteenth Annual Danely Slaughter Lecturer, St. Francis Hospital
1982 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University of Illinois Medical School Centennial Celebration
1981 Fortieth Anniversary Commemorative Medical of Achievement in Clinical Science, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1981 Sixth Annual Jeffrey A. Gottlieb Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Therapeutic Research, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1980 Gifford-Hill Visiting Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas
1980 Leukemia Society of America Award for Outstanding Service to Mankind
1980 Ruth Harriet Ainsworth Professor of Developmental Therapeutics
1979 Fifteenth Annual Guest Lecturer, Leukemia Research Fund, Great Britain
1979 Robert Roesler de Villiers Award, Leukemia Society of America
1979 Who's Who in America
1978 Fourth Annual Myron Karon Memorial Award, Childrens' Hospital of Los Angeles
1977 Fourth Annual John Hoover Moon Memorial Lectureship, Medical College of Virginia
1977 Third Annual Distinguished Leukemia Lectureship, Alabama Chapter of the Leukemia
1976 Seventh Annual David A. Karnofsky Award and Lecture, American Society of Clinical Oncology
1974 Alumnus of the Year for Service to Education or Research, University of Illinois Medical School Alumnus Association
1972 Albert Lasker Medical Research Award
1970 President's Award for Outstanding Service, Leukemia Society of America
1947 Alpha Omega Alpha

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Holland JF, Freireich EJ. Emil Frei III, 1924-2013. J Clin Oncol 31(30):3727-30, 10/2013. e-Pub 9/2013. PMID: 24019548.
2. Freireich EJ. Leukocyte Transfusion and the Development of the Continuous-Flow Blood Cell Separator. Transfus Med Rev 25(4):344-50, 10/2011. e-Pub 5/31/2011. PMID: 21632206.
3. Freireich EJ. Origins of Platelet Transfusion Therapy. Transfus Med Rev 25(3):252-6, 7/2011. e-Pub 3/2/2011. PMID: 21371858.
4. Körbling M, Freireich EJ. 25 years of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation. Blood 117(24):6411-6, 6/16/2011. e-Pub 4/1/2011. PMID: 21460243.
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7. Kantarjian H, Ravandi F, O'Brien S, Cortes J, Faderl S, Garcia-Manero G, Jabbour E, Wierda W, Kadia T, Pierce S, Shan J, Keating M, Freireich EJ. Intensive chemotherapy does not benefit most older patients (age 70 years or older) with acute myeloid leukemia. Blood 116(22):4422-9, 11/2010. e-Pub 7/2010. PMID: 20668231.
8. Golemovic M, Quintás-Cardama A, Manshouri T, Orsolic N, Duzkale H, Johansen M, Freireich EJ, Kantarjian H, Zingaro RA, Verstovsek S. MER1, a novel organic arsenic derivative, has potent PML-RARalpha- independent cytotoxic activity against leukemia cells. Invest New Drugs 28(4):402-12, 8/2010. e-Pub 5/26/2009. PMID: 19468689.
9. Verma D, Kantarjian H, Faderl S, O'Brien S, Pierce S, Vu K, Freireich E, Keating M, Cortes J, Ravandi F. Late relapses in acute myeloid leukemia: analysis of characteristics and outcome. Leuk Lymphoma 51(5):778-82, 5/2010. e-Pub 3/2010. PMID: 20196624.
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Letters to the Editor

1. Mattiuzzi G, Martinez F, Lichtiger B, et al. Safety and efficacy of unirradiated white cell transfusions. Blood, 11/2010.

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