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Likun Li, PhD

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology - Research, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1989 Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, PhD, Cell Biology
1985 Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, MS, Cell Biology
1982 Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, BS, Biology

Postgraduate Training

1993-1997 Research Fellowship, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Rice University, Houston, TX
1989-1992 Research Fellowship, Department of Botany, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Karanika S, Karantanos T, Li L, Corn PG, Thompson TC. DNA damage response and prostate cancer: defects, regulation and therapeutic implications. Oncogene 0. e-Pub 8/18/2014. PMID: 25132269.
2. Li L, Chang W, Yang G, Ren C, Park S, Karantanos T, Karanika S, Wang J, Yin J, Shah PK, Takahiro H, Dobashi M, Zhang W, Efstathiou E, Maity SN, Aparicio AM, Li Ning Tapia EM, Troncoso P, Broom B, Xiao L, Lee HS, Lee JS, Corn PG, Navone N, Thompson TC. Targeting Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase and the c-Myb-Regulated DNA Damage Response Pathway in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. Sci Signal 7(326):ra47, 5/20/2014. e-Pub 5/20/2014. PMCID: PMC4135429.
3. Li L, Yang G, Ren C, Tanimoto R, Hirayama T, Wang J, Hawke D, Kim SM, Lee JS, Goltsov AA, Park S, Ittmann MM, Troncoso P, Thompson TC. Glioma pathogenesis-related protein 1 induces prostate cancer cell death through Hsc70-mediated suppression of AURKA and TPX2. Mol Oncol 7(3):484-96, 6/2013. e-Pub 12/31/2012. PMCID: PMC3907183.
4. Li L, Ren C, Yang G, Fattah EA, Goltsov AA, Kim SM, Lee JS, Park S, Demayo FJ, Ittmann MM, Troncoso P, Thompson TC. GLIPR1 suppresses prostate cancer through targeted oncoprotein destruction. Cancer Res 71(24):7694-704, 12/15/2011. e-Pub 10/24/2011. PMCID: PMC3813470.
5. Thompson TC, Tahir SA, Li L, Watanabe M, Naruishi K, Yang G, Kadmon D, Logothetis CJ, Troncoso P, Ren C, Goltsov A, Park S. The role of caveolin-1 in prostate cancer: clinical implications. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 13(1):6-11, 3/2010. e-Pub 7/2009. PMCID: PMC2887695.
6. Li L, Ren C, Yang G, Goltsov AA, Tabata K, Thompson TC. Caveolin-1 promotes autoregulatory, Akt-mediated induction of cancer-promoting growth factors in prostate cancer cells. Mol Cancer Res 7(11):1781-91, 11/2009. PMID: 19903767.
7. Li L, Abdel Fattah E, Cao G, Ren C, Yang G, Goltsov AA, Chinault AC, Cai WW, Timme TL, Thompson TC. Glioma pathogenesis-related protein 1 exerts tumor suppressor activities through proapoptotic reactive oxygen species-c-Jun-NH2 kinase signaling. Cancer Res 68(2):434-43, 1/2008. PMID: 18199537.
8. Ren C, Ren CH, Li L, Goltsov AA, Thompson TC. Identification and characterization of RTVP1/GLIPR1-like genes, a novel p53 target gene cluster. Genomics 88(2):163-72, 8/2006. PMID: 16714093.
9. Li L, Ittmann MM, Ayala G, Tsai MJ, Amato RJ, Wheeler TM, Miles BJ, Kadmon D, Thompson TC. The emerging role of the PI3-K-Akt pathway in prostate cancer progression. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 8(2):108-18, 3/2005. PMID: 15724144.
10. Ren C, Li L, Yang G, Timme TL, Goltsov A, Ren C, Ji X, Addai J, Luo H, Ittmann MM, Thompson TC. RTVP-1, a tumor suppressor inactivated by methylation in prostate cancer. Cancer Res 64(3):969-76, 2/2004. PMID: 14871827.
11. Li L, Ren CH, Tahir SA, Ren C, Thompson TC. Caveolin-1 maintains activated Akt in prostate cancer cells through scaffolding domain binding site interactions with and inhibition of serine/threonine protein phosphatases PP1 and PP2A. Mol Cell Biol 23(24):9389-404, 12/2003. PMID: 14645548.
12. Mouraviev V, Li L, Tahir SA, Yang G, Timme TM, Goltsov A, Ren C, Satoh T, Wheeler TM, Ittmann MM, Miles BJ, Amato RJ, Kadmon D, Thompson TC. The role of caveolin-1 in androgen insensitive prostate cancer. J Urol 168(4 Pt 1):1589-96, 10/2002. PMID: 12352463.
13. Ren C, Li L, Goltsov AA, Timme TL, Tahir SA, Wang J, Garza L, Chinault AC, Thompson TC. mRTVP-1, a novel p53 target gene with proapoptotic activities. Mol Cell Biol 22(10):3345-57, 5/2002. PMID: 11971968.
14. Li L, Yang G, Ebara S, Satoh T, Nasu Y, Timme TL, Ren C, Wang J, Tahir SA, Thompson TC. Caveolin-1 mediates testosterone-stimulated survival/clonal growth and promotes metastatic activities in prostate cancer cells. Cancer Res 61(11):4386-92, 6/2001. PMID: 11389065.
15. Tahir SA, Yang G, Ebara S, Timme TL, Satoh T, Li L, Goltsov A, Ittmann M, Morrisett JD, Thompson TC. Secreted caveolin-1 stimulates cell survival/clonal growth and contributes to metastasis in androgen-insensitive prostate cancer. Cancer Res 61(10):3882-5, 5/2001. PMID: 11358800.
16. Timme TL, Goltsov A, Tahir S, Li L, Wang J, Ren C, Johnston RN, Thompson TC. Caveolin-1 is regulated by c-myc and suppresses c-myc-induced apoptosis. Oncogene 19(29):3256-65, 7/2000. PMID: 10918582.
17. Thompson TC, Timme TL, Li L, Goltsov A. Caveolin-1, a metastasis-related gene that promotes cell survival in prostate cancer. Apoptosis 4(4):233-7, 8/1999. PMID: 14634273.
18. Thompson TC, Timme TL, Li L, Goltsov A, Yang G. Caveolin-1: a complex and provocative therapeutic target in prostate cancer and potentially other malignancies. Emerging Therapeutic Target 3:337, 6/1999.
19. Nasu Y, Timme TL, Yang G, Bangma CH, Li L, Ren C, Park SH, DeLeon M, Wang J, Thompson TC. Suppression of caveolin expression induces androgen sensitivity in metastatic androgen-insensitive mouse prostate cancer cells. Nat Med 4(9):1062-4, 9/1998. PMID: 9734401.
20. Li L, Chang W, Yang G, Ren C, Park S, Takahiro H, Troncoso P, Brrom B, Lee HS, Lee JS, Thompson TC. Activation of c-Myb and a c-Myb-regulated DNA damage response gene program contributes to drug resistance in prostate cancer. Cancer Discovery. Submitted.
21. Thompson TC, Karanika S, Karantanos T, Yin J, Li L. Novel Anti-androgen Receptor Signaling Agents: Understanding the Mechanisms of Resistance. Asian Journal. Submitted.


1. Li L, Ren C, Yang G, Abdel Fattah E, Timme TL, Goltsov AA, Park SH, Thompson TC. GLIPR1 tumor suppressor activities involve suppression of specificity protein1 and its target genes c-myc, 4/2009.

Book Chapters

1. Thompson TC, Tahir S, Li L, Watanabe M, Naruishi K, Yang G, Tabata K, Kurosaka S, Edamura K, Tanimoto R, Corn P, Kadmon D, Logothetis CJ, Troncoso P, Ren C, Goltsov A, Park S. Local and distant effects of caveolin-1 on prostate cancer progression. In: Caveolins in Cancer Pathogenesis. Springer: United Kingdom, 1-15, 2012.

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