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Patrick Hwu, M.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Department Chair, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Bio Statement


Dr. Patrick Hwu is considered one of the leading tumor immunologists in the country, and a primary force in the development of novel vaccine and adoptive T-cell therapies. His laboratory and clinical work have led to insights and advances in the understanding of the interactions between tumors and the immune system, and the development of cellular immunotherapies. He was recruited to be the first Chairman of the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology in 2003. Since that time, he has also served as Associate Director of the Center for Cancer Immunology Research and is the current Chair of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Promotion and Tenure Committee. His laboratory is significantly funded by the National Cancer Institutes. He is the principal investigator on three RO1 translational immunotherapy grants, as well as a P01 comprehensive program grant that is investigating the use of plasmacytoid dendritic cells to enhance immunotherapy. Dr. Hwu is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Immunotherapy. He is a frequently requested national and international lecturer. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed articles.  Dr. Hwu is the recipient of numerous awards such as the George and Barbara Bush Endowment for Innovative Cancer Research in 2004, the Robert R. Herring Professorship in Clinical Research 2004 – 2007, the Moshe Talpaz Endowed Chair in Immunology from 2007 to present, and the Division of Cancer Medicine Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program Mentor of the Year for FY2009, just to name a few.

Research Interests


Cancer Vaccines, Tumor Immunotherapy and Cancer Immunology


Significant advances in our understanding of the immune response against cancer have allowed us to design novel immune therapies for patients. My laboratory is focused on the translation of basic immunologic concepts from the laboratory to the clinic. We have found that some patients with metastatic cancer can be successfully treated with infusions of tumor-reactive T -cells. We are currently investigating methods to improve these therapies, by studying T-cell proliferation, survival, and trafficking using both murine models and human T -cells.

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Administrative Office
Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology
1515 Holcombe Blvd
Unit Number: 430
Houston, TX 77030
Room Number: FC11.3028
Phone: 713-563-1728
Fax: 713-745-1046
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Research Office
Melanoma Medical Oncology - Research
7455 Fannin Street
Unit Number: 904
Houston, TX 77054
Room Number: 1SCR2.3023

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1987 The Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP), Philadelphia, PA, MD, Magna Cum Laude, Medicine
1983 Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, BA, Summa Cum Laude, Premedical Science

Postgraduate Training

1989-1993 Fellowship, Medical Oncology and Immunology, National Cancer Institutes, Bethesda, MD
1987-1989 House Officer, Internal Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Board Certifications

10/2008 Medical Oncology, 1st issued 12/1993, renewed

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Sim GC, Chacon J, Haymaker C, Ritthipichai K, Singh M, Hwu P, Radvanyi L. Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy for Melanoma: Rationale and Issues for Further Clinical Development. BioDrugs. e-Pub 6/3/2014. PMID: 24890028.
2. Shtivelman E, Davies MQ, Hwu P, Yang J, Lotem M, Oren M, Flaherty KT, Fisher DE. Pathways and therapeutic targets in melanoma. Oncotarget 5(7):1701-52, 4/15/2014. PMCID: PMC4039128.
3. Alrwas A, Papadopoulos NE, Cain S, Patel SP, Kim KB, Deburr TL, Bassett R, Hwu WJ, Bedikian AY, Davies MA, Woodman SE, Hwu P. Phase I trial of biochemotherapy with cisplatin, temozolomide, and dose escalation of nab-paclitaxel combined with interleukin-2 and interferon-α in patients with metastatic melanoma. Melanoma Res. e-Pub 4/16/2014. PMID: 24743052.
4. Mittendorf EA, Philips AV, Meric-Bernstam F, Qiao N, Wu Y, Harrington S, Su X, Wang Y, Gonzalez-Angulo AM, Akcakanat A, Chawla A, Curran M, Hwu P, Sharma P, Litton JK, Molldrem JJ, Alatrash G. PD-L1 expression in triple-negative breast cancer. Cancer Immunol Res 2(4):361-70, 4/2014. e-Pub 1/10/2014. PMCID: PMC4000553.
5. Sim GC, Martin-Orozco N, Jin L, Yang Y, Wu S, Washington E, Sanders D, Lacey C, Wang Y, Vence L, Hwu P, Radvanyi L. IL-2 therapy promotes suppressive ICOS+ Treg expansion in melanoma patients. J Clin Invest. e-Pub 12/2/2013. PMCID: PMC3871216.
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10. Chakravarti N, Peddareddigari VG, Warneke CL, Johnson MM, Overwijk WW, Hwu P, Prieto VG. Differential expression of the G-protein-coupled formyl peptide receptor in melanoma associates with aggressive phenotype. Am J Dermatopathol 35(2):184-90, 4/2013. e-Pub 11/2012. PMID: 23147350.
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