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Rachna T. Shroff, MD

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Department of Gastrointestinal (GI) Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Research Interests

Developing personalized, targeted therapy for biliary and pancreatic malignancies, molecular markers and biomarker development, novel pathways and therapies in gastrointestinal cancers.

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd. #426
Unit Number: Unit 426
Houston, TX 77030
Room Number: FC10.3058
Phone: 713-792-2828
Fax: 713-745-8620

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

2012 University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, TX, MS, Patient-Based Biological Research
2004 Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, MD, Medicine
2000 Brown University, Providence, RI, BS, Biochemistry

Postgraduate Training

7/2007-4/2010 Clinical Fellowship, Medical Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, Robert Wolff, M.D.
6/2004-6/2007 Clinical Residency, Internal Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO, Dr. Melvin Blanchard

Honors and Awards

2010 AACR Scholar-in-Training Award
2010 ASCO Merit Award for GI ASCO
2010 ASCO Young Investigator Award
2010 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Award, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
2010 The A. Lavoy Moore Endowment Fund Fellowship Award
2009 Invitation to Present at Cancer Medicine Grand Rounds
2004 Award for Excellence in Hematology
2004 Beach Memorial Scholarship
2002 Hobart Amory Hare Honor Society

Professional Memberships

American Association for Cancer Research
Associate Member, 2008-present
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Associate Member, 2008-present

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Dong X, Javle M, Hess KR, Shroff R, Abbruzzese JL, Li D. Insulin-like growth factor axis gene polymorphisms and clinical outcomes in pancreatic cancer. Gastroenterology 139(2):464-73, 473.e1-3, 8/2010. e-Pub 4/21/2010. PMCID: PMC2910789.
2. Javle MM, Shroff RT, Xiong H, Varadhachary GA, Fogelman D, Reddy SA, Davis D, Zhang Y, Wolff RA, Abbruzzese JL. Inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) in advanced pancreatic cancer: results of two phase II studies. BMC Cancer 10(368):368, 2010. e-Pub 7/14/2010. PMCID: PMC2910694.
3. Uy GL, Trivedi R, Peles S, Fisher NM, Zhang QJ, Tomasson MH, DiPersio JF, Vij R. Bortezomib Inhibits Osteoclast Activity in Patients with Multiple Myeloma. Clin Lymphoma Myeloma 7(7):587-589, 11/2007. PMID: 18186967.
Other Articles
1. Shroff RT and Wolff RA. Controversy and Consensus in the Adjuvant Treatment of Resected Pancreatic Cancer. Oncology 23 (12)(supp 4):7-13, 11/2009.


1. Shroff RT, Javle MM, Li D, Wolff RA, Mauro DJ, Naumov G, Nebozhyn M, Zhang T, Li Y, Sathyanarayanan S. Comprehensive analysis of potential predictive biomarkers for insulin-like growth factor type-1 receptor (IGF-1R) targeted therapy in pancreatic cancer. 2011 ASCO Annual Meeting (#4052), 6/2011.
2. Javle MM, Varadhachary GR, Shroff RT, Bhosale P, Overman MJ, Weatherly J, Wolff RA, Abbruzzese JL. Phase I/II study of MK-0646, the humanized monoclonal IGF-1R antibody in combination with gemcitabine or gemcitabine plus erlotinib (E) for advanced pancreatic cancer. 2010 ASCO Annual Meeting (#4039), 6/2011.
3. Javle MM, Varadhachary GR, Fogelman DR, Shroff RT, Overman MJ, Ukegbu L, Bekele BN, Kar SP, Wolff RA, Abbruzzese JL. Randomized phase II study of gemcitabine (G) plus anti-IGF-1R antibody MK-0646, G plus erlotinib (E) plus MK-0646 and G plus E for advanced pancreatic cancer. 2011 ASCO Annual Meeting (#4026), 6/2011.
4. Shroff RT, Javle MM, Krishnan S, Cantor SB, Varadhachary GR, Lee JE, Fleming JB, Abbruzzese JL, Wolff RA, Elting LS. Comparison of the cost-effectiveness of neoadjuvant (NeoAdj) versus adjuvant (Adj) therapies for resectable pancreatic cancer (PC). 2010 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium (#207), 1/2011.
5. Manoukian G, Lal A, Wen S, Jiang Z, Shroff RT, Wolff RA, Overman MJ. Neoadjuvant therapy for adenocarcinomas of the duodenum and ampulla of Vater. 2011 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium (#279), 1/2011.
6. Fogelman DR, Wang XS, Hassan M, Li D, Javle MM, Varadhachary GR, Shroff RT, Overman MJ, Wolff RA, Abbruzzese JL. Relative value of serum cytokines and clinical factors in predicting weight loss in advanced pancreatic cancer (PC). 2011 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium (#208), 1/2011.
7. Shroff RT, Javle MM, Krishnan S, et al. Cost-effectiveness of neoadjuvant vs. adjuvant therapies for resectable pancreatic cancer. GI ASCO / ASCO - Poster Presentation, 2010.
8. Javle MM, Shroff RT, Vardhachary G, et al. Phase I study of MK-0646, a humanized monoclonal antibody against IGF-1R in combination with gemcitabine or gemcitabine plus erlotinib (E) for advanced previously untreated pancreatic cancer. GI ASCO - Oral Presentation, 2010.
9. Shroff RT, Krishnan S, Javle MM, et al. Improved relapse free survival with the addition of systemic chemotherapy to adjuvant chemoradiation for high risk ampullary adenocarcinoma. GI ASCO - Poster Presentation, 2009.
10. Shroff RT, Xiong HQ, Varadhachary GR, et al. Inhibition of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) in advanced pancreatic cancer-the results of two prospective phase II studies. GI ASCO - Poster Presentation, 2009.
11. Shroff RT, Javle MM, Dong X, et al. Prognostic value of polymorphisms in the insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGFR) pathway in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC). ASCO - Oral Presentation, 2009.
12. Mani MA, Shroff RT, Jacobs C, et al. A Phase II Study of Irinotecan and Cisplatin for Metastatic or Unresectable High Grade Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Gastrointestinal Tract. ASCO Proceedings, 2008.
13. Shroff RT, King BT, Pathak P, et al. The Use of Biologic Therapy in the Treatment of Unresectable Appendiceal Neoplasms. ASCO Proceedings, 2008.

Book Chapters

1. Shroff RT. Biliary Tract Cancers. In: CCO inPractice, 2011.
2. Shroff RT, Wolff RA, Javle MM. Pancreatic Cancer. In: The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology, Second Edition, 2011.
3. Shroff RT & Abbruzzese JL. Emerging Targets in Pancreatic Cancer. In: Pancreatic Cancer, in Abbruzzese J (ed). Springer Science & Business Media: New York, 2009.

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