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Saroj Vadhan-Raj, M.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Professor of Medicine, Internist, Department of Sarcoma Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Professor, Department of Sarcoma Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Chief, Section of Cytokines & Supportive Oncology, Department of Sarcoma Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Dual/Joint/Adjunct Appointment

Professor, Department of Lymphoma/Myeloma, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1978 Grant Medical College, University of Bombay, Bombay, India, MBBS, Medicine
1972 University of Bombay, Bombay, India, Int. S.C., Bombay, India, MD, Honors, Science

Postgraduate Training

7/1982-6/1985 Fellowship, Clinical Immunology/Hematology/Medical Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
7/1980-6/1982 Residency, Internal Medicine, The Brooklyn-Cumberland Medical Center, New York, NY
7/1979-6/1980 Clinical Internship, The Brooklyn-Cumberland Medical Center, New York, NY

Board Certifications

1/1982 American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medi

Honors and Awards

2011-present Hind Rattan Award (Jewell of India), 2011, International Congress

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Arun BK, Kapil D, Valero V, Shu-Wan K, Broglio K, Booser D, Guerra L, Yin G, Walters R, Sahin A, Ibrahim NK, Buzdar AU, Frye D, Sneige N, strom EA, Ross MI, Theriault RL, Vadhan-Raj S. Phase III randomized trial of dose intensive neoadjuvant chemotherapy with or without G-CSF in locally advanced breast cancer: Long-term results. The Oncologist 16(11):1527-34, 10/2011.
2. Zhou X, Teegala S, Huen A, Ji Y, Fayad L, Hagemeister FB, Gladish G, Vadhan-Raj S. Incidence and risk factors of venous thromboembolic events in lymphoma. Am J Med 123(10):935-41, 10/2010. PMID: 20920696.
3. Vadhan-Raj S, Trent J, Patel S, Zhou X, Johnson MM, Araujo D, Ludwig JA, O'Roark S, Gillenwater AM, Bueso-Ramos C, El-Naggar AK, Benjamin RS. Single-dose palifermin prevents severe oral mucositis during multicycle chemotherapy in patients with cancer: a randomized trial. Ann Intern Med 153(6):358-67, 9/2010. PMID: 20855800.
4. Vadhan-Raj S, Zhou X, Sizer K, Lal L, Wang X, Roquemore J, Shi W, Benjamin RS, Lichtiger B. Impact of Safety Concerns and Regulatory Changes on the Usage of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents and Transfusions RBC. The Oncologist 15(12):1359-69, 2010. e-Pub 12/2010. PMID: 21159724.
5. Schmeler KM, Vadhan-Raj S, Ramirez PT, Apte SM, Cohen L, Bassett RL, Iyer RB, Wolf JK, Levenback CL, Gershenson DM, Freedman RS. A phase II study of GM-CSF and rIFN-gamma1b plus carboplatin for the treatment of recurrent, platinum-sensitive ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer. Gynecol Oncol 113(2). e-Pub 3/2009. PMID: 19264351.
6. Glaspy J, Vadhan-Raj S, Patel R, Bosserman L, Hu E, Lloyd RE, Boccia RV, Tomita D, Rossi G. Randomized comparison of every-2-week darbepoetin alfa and weekly epoetin alfa for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia: the 20030125 Study Group Trial. J Clin Oncol 24(15):2290-7, 5/2006. PMID: 16710026.
7. Apte SM, Vadhan-Raj S, Cohen L, Bassett RL, Gordon IO, Levenback CF, Ramirez PT, Gallardo ST, Patenia RS, Garcia ME, Iyer RB, Freedman RS. Cytokines, GM-CSF and IFNgamma administered by priming and post-chemotherapy cycling in recurrent ovarian cancer patients receiving carboplatin. J Transl Med 4:16, 2006. PMCID: PMC1457001.
8. Crawford J, Althaus B, Armitage J, Blayney DW, Cataland S, Dale DC, Demetri GD, Foran J, Heaney ML, Htoy S, Kloth DD, Lyman GH, Michaud L, Motl S, Vadhan-Raj S, Wong MK. Myeloid growth factors clinical practice guidelines in oncology. J Natl Compr Canc Netw 3(4):540-55, 7/2005. PMID: 16038645.
9. Freedman RS, Vadhan-Raj S, Butts C, Savary C, Melichar B, Verschraegen C, Kavanagh JJ, Hicks ME, Levy LB, Folloder JK, Garcia ME. Pilot study of Flt3 ligand comparing intraperitoneal with subcutaneous routes on hematologic and immunologic responses in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis and mesotheliomas. Clin Cancer Res 9(14):5228-37, 11/2003. PMID: 14614003.
10. Vadhan-Raj S, Kavanagh JJ, Freedman RS, Folloder J, Currie LM, Bueso-Ramos C, Verschraegen CF, Narvios AB, Connor J, Hoots WK, Broemeling LD, Lichtiger B. Safety and efficacy of transfusions of autologous cryopreserved platelets derived from recombinant human thrombopoietin to support chemotherapy-associated severe thrombocytopenia: a randomised cross-over study. Lancet 359(9324):2145-52, 6/2002. PMID: 12090979.
11. Vadhan-Raj S, Verschraegen CF, Bueso-Ramos C, Broxmeyer HE, Kudelka AP, Freedman RS, Edwards CL, Gershenson D, Jones D, Ashby M, Kavanagh JJ. Recombinant human thrombopoietin attenuates carboplatin-induced severe thrombocytopenia and the need for platelet transfusions in patients with gynecologic cancer. Ann Intern Med 132(5):364-8, 3/2000. PMID: 10691586.
12. Patel SR, Vadhan-Raj S, Burgess MA, Plager C, Papadopolous N, Jenkins J, Benjamin RS. Results of two consecutive trials of dose-intensive chemotherapy with doxorubicin and ifosfamide in patients with sarcomas. Am J Clin Oncol 21(3):317-21, 6/1998. PMID: 9626808.
13. Patel SR, Vadhan-Raj S, Papadopolous N, Plager C, Burgess MA, Hays C, Benjamin RS. High-dose ifosfamide in bone and soft tissue sarcomas: results of phase II and pilot studies--dose-response and schedule dependence. J Clin Oncol 15(6):2378-84, 6/1997. PMID: 9196153.
14. Vadhan-Raj S, Murray LJ, Bueso-Ramos C, Patel S, Reddy SP, Hoots WK, Johnston T, Papadopolous NE, Hittelman WN, Johnston DA, Yang TA, Paton VE, Cohen RL, Hellmann SD, Benjamin RS, Broxmeyer HE. Stimulation of megakaryocyte and platelet production by a single dose of recombinant human thrombopoietin in patients with cancer. Ann Intern Med 126(9):673-81, 5/1997. PMID: 9139552.
15. Anaissie EJ, Vartivarian S, Bodey GP, Legrand C, Kantarjian H, Abi-Said D, Karl C, Vadhan-Raj S. Randomized comparison between antibiotics alone and antibiotics plus granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (Escherichia coli-derived in cancer patients with fever and neutropenia. Am J Med 100(1):17-23, 1996. PMID: 8579082.
16. Vadhan-Raj S, Kudelka AP, Garrison L, Gano J, Edwards CL, Freedman RS, Kavanagh JJ. Effects of interleukin-1 alpha on carboplatin-induced thrombocytopenia in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer. J Clin Oncol 12(4):707-14, 4/1994. PMID: 8151314.
17. Vadhan-Raj S, Papadopoulos NE, Burgess MA, Linke KA, Patel SR, Hays C, Arcenas A, Plager C, Kudelka AP, Hittelman WN, et al. Effects of PIXY321, a granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor/interleukin-3 fusion protein, on chemotherapy-induced multilineage myelosuppression in patients with sarcoma. J Clin Oncol 12(4):715-24, 4/1994. PMID: 8151315.
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20. Vadhan-Raj S, Jeha SS, Buescher S, LeMaistre A, Yee G, Lu L, Lloreta J, Hoots WK, Hittelman WN, Gutterman JU. Stimulation of myelopoiesis in a patient with congenital neutropenia: biology and nature of response to recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor. Blood 75(4):858-64, 2/1990. PMID: 2405922.
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22. Broxmeyer HE, Cooper S, Vadhan-Raj S. Cell cycle status of erythroid (BFU-E) progenitor cells from the bone marrows of patients on a clinical trial with purified recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor. Exp Hematol 17(5):455-9, 6/1989. PMID: 2653858.
23. Vadhan-Raj S, Buescher S, Broxmeyer HE, LeMaistre A, Lepe-Zuniga JL, Ventura G, Jeha S, Horwitz LJ, Trujillo JM, Gillis S. Stimulation of myelopoiesis in patients with aplastic anemia by recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor. N Engl J Med 319(25):1628-34, 12/1988. PMID: 3059191.
24. Vadhan-Raj S, Cordon-Cardo C, Carswell E, Mintzer D, Dantis L, Duteau C, Templeton MA, Oettgen HF, Old LJ, Houghton AN. Phase I trial of a mouse monoclonal antibody against GD3 ganglioside in patients with melanoma: induction of inflammatory responses at tumor sites. J Clin Oncol 6(10):1636-48, 10/1988. PMID: 3171629.
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Last updated: 8/9/2013