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Warren L. Holleman, Ph.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Professor, Department of Behavioral Science, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Director, Faculty Health & Well-Being Program, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Bio Statement

Warren Lee Holleman, Ph.D. is Professor of Behavioral Science and Director of the Program on Faculty Health & Well-Being at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

From 1989 to 2009 Dr. Holleman served on the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine where he taught behavioral science, medical humanities, and medical ethics and developed two community health centers for Houston’s homeless. He also founded and directed the Compassion and the Art of Medicine lecture and performing arts series, now in its 25th year. Dr. Holleman’s seminar, “Nurturing the Spirit of the Healer: Managing the Ethical and Emotional Demands of the Helping Professions,” has been presented in 26 cities throughout the United States.

Dr. Holleman has been lead author of articles in JAMA, Lancet, Nature, Academic Medicine and numerous other journals. He served as co-editor of Fundamentals of Clinical Practice: A Textbook on the Patient, Doctor, and Society, and author of The Human Rights Movement: Western Values and Theological Perspectives.

Dr. Holleman holds an A.B. in history from Harvard University, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Rice University, and an M.A in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He completed a fellowship in “Medical Ethics, Medical Humanities, and Primary Care Medicine” at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Holleman is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy-Approved Supervisor.

When not in the office, Dr. Holleman enjoys spending time with his family and numerous hobbies including playwriting, story-telling, trail running, mountain biking, swimming, and fishing.

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
7007 Bertner Ave.
Unit Number: 1726
Houston, TX 77030-3907
Room Number: 1MC17.2217

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1996 University of Houston - Clear Lake, Houston, Texas, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
1986 Rice University, Houston, Texas, Ph.D., Religious Studies
1984 Rice University, Houston, Texas, M.A., Religious Studies
1977 Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, A.B., History

Postgraduate Training

1995-1996 Intern, Marriage and Family Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, James H. Bray, Ph.D.
1987-1988 Fellowship, Ethics, Humanities and Family Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, Baruch Brody, Ph.D. and Robert E. Rakel, M.D.

Honors and Awards

2008 Matthew A. Carter Memorial Lecturer, Baylor College of Medicine
2003 Academy of Distinguished Educators, Baylor College of Medicine
2003 Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Faculty Excellence Award, Baylor College of Medicine

Professional Memberships

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Clinical Member, 1996-present
Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Houston, TX
Member, 1996-present
Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, TX
Board of Directors, 2009-2013
Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, TX
Member, 1996-present

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Kuerer HM, Holleman WL. The health and well-being of American surgery. Ann Surg 255(4):634-6, 4/2012. PMID: 22367449.
2. Davis LR, Weller NF, Jadhav M, Holleman WL. Dietary intake of homeless women residing at a transitional living center. JHCPU 19(3):952-62, 8/2008. PMID: 18677082.
3. Holleman WL, Bray JH, Davis L, Holleman MC. Innovative ways to address the mental health and medical needs of marginalized patients: Collaborations between family physicians, family therapists, and family psychologists. Am J Orthopsychiatry 74(3):242-52, 7/2004. PMID: 15291701.
4. Rogers J, Corboy J, Dains J, Huang W, Holleman W, Bray J, Monteiro M. Task-Oriented Processes in Care (TOPIC) - A proven model for teaching ambulatory care. Fam Med 35(5):337-42, 5/2003. PMID: 12772935.
5. Holleman WL. The play's the thing: using literature and drama to teach about death and dying. Fam Med 32(8):523-4, 9/2000. PMID: 11151856.
6. Holleman WL, Holleman MC, Moy JG. Continuity of care, informed consent, and fiduciary responsibilities in for-profit managed care systems. Arch Fam Med 9(1):21-5, 1/2000. PMID: 10664637.
7. Holleman WL, Holleman MC, Moy JG. Are ethics and managed care strange bedfellows or a marriage made in heaven? Lancet 349(9048):350-51, 2/1997. PMID: 9024391.
8. Cyprus IG, Holleman WL. The homeless visit: Enhancing residents' understanding of patients who are homeless. Fam Med 26(4):217-20, 4/1994. PMID: 8034138.
9. Holleman WL, Holleman MC, Gershenhorn S. Death education curricula in American medical schools: A survey. Teach & Learn in Med 6:260-63, 1994.
10. Holleman WL, Edwards DC, Matson CC. Obligations of physicians to patients and third-party payers. J Clin Ethics 5(2):113-120, 1994. PMID: 7919479.
11. Holloway RL, Holleman WL. Academic America: A “noonball” perspective. J Play Theory & Res 1(2):165-170, 1993.
12. Holleman WL, Chappell CL. Should academic ethics committees be available to review lapses in scientific integrity. HCECF 5:47-51, 1993.
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15. Holleman WL, Matson CC. Preemployment evaluations: Dilemmas for the family physician. J Am Board Fam Pract 4(2):95-101, Mar-Apr, 3/1991. PMID: 1781821.
16. Holleman WL. Death education in American medical schools: Tolstoy's challenge to Kubler-Ross. J of Med Hum 12:11-18, 1991.
17. Holleman WL. Jonathan Edwards' vision -As viewed through feminist hindsight. J of Relig. Stud. 17:1-18, 1991.
18. Holleman MC, Holleman WL. The public hospital revisited: The twenty-fifth anniversary of Jan de Hartog's The Hospital. Perspect. in Biol & Med 32:568-580, 1989.
19. Holleman WL. Welfare reform, Helmut Thielicke, and secular humanism. Dialog 28:289-292, 1989.
20. Holleman WL, Holleman MC. School and work release evaluations. JAMA 260(24):3629-3634, Dec 23-30, 12/1988. PMID: 3057253.
21. Holleman WL. Schleiermacher's 'liberalism'. J of Theol for S. Africa 62:29-42, 1988.
22. Holleman WL. Reinhold Niebuhr on the United Nations and human rights. Soundings 70:329-354, 1987.

Invited Articles

1. Holleman WL. Finding ways to promote humanities in large medical school courses. J for Learn. through the Arts 2(1), 2007.


1. Holleman WL, Cofta-Woerpel LM, Gritz ER. Stress and Morale of Academic, Biomedical Scientists. Acad Med, 10/2014. PMID: 25340366.
2. Holleman WL, Gritz ER. Biomedical Burnout. Nature 500:613-614, 8/2013.

Book Chapters

1. Holleman WL, Brody BA. Ethics in Family Practice. In: Textbook of Family Practice, 7th ed. Ed(s) Rakel RE. W.B. Saunders: Philadelphia, 127-135, 2007.
2. Holleman WL, Brody PA. Ethics in family medicine. In: Essential Family Medicine: Fundamental and Cases Studies, 3rd ed. Ed(s) Rakel RE. W.B. Saunders-Elsevier: Philadelphia, 2006.
3. Holleman WL, Brody PA. Medical Ethics. In: Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, 2nd ed. Ed(s) Mengel MB, Holleman WL, Fields SA. W.B. Saunders: New York, 575-604, 2002.
4. Holleman WL, Brody BA. Ethics in Family Practice. In: Textbook of Family Practice, 6th. Ed(s) Rakel RE. W.B. Saunders: Philadelphia, 148-158, 2001.

Books (edited and written)

1. Holleman WL, Holleman CPT. Pluck, Perseverance and Paint: Apex, North Carolina - Beginnings to 1941. Halcyon Press, Ltd. Houston, 2010.
2. Mengel MB, Holleman WL, Fields SA. Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, Second Edition. Kluwer-Plenum: New York, 2002. ISBN: 0-306-46692-9.
3. Holleman WL. The Human Rights Movement: Western Values and Theological Perspectives. Praeger: New York, 1987.

Manuals, Teaching Aids, Other Teaching Publications

1. Holleman WL. Nurturing the Spirit of the Healer: Meeting the Ethical and Emotional Demands of the Helping Professions. Cross Country Education, 1/2008.
2. Holleman WL. Building Better Families. Bayou Publishing: Houston, 2005.
3. Holleman WL. Teacher's Guide to Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, 2003.


1. Stories.

Holleman WL: Girl Talk. In Gross P, Guernsey D, Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine (Book), New Rochelle, 2012.

Holleman WL: Group Therapy. In: Perspectives in Medical Humanities, University of California Medical Humanities Consortium: San Francisco, 87-92, 2011.

Holleman WL: Recovery Room. Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine (Magazine), 2011.

2. Poems.

Holleman WL: Homage to a Boy with Muscular Dystrophy. J of Gen Int Med 7:198, 1992.

Holleman WL: Prime Time;J of Gen Int Med 6:275, 1991.

3. Other Type.

Holleman WL: Afterword. In: Howard Stein, Themes and Variations. Georgetown, Kentucky, Finishing Line Press, 2008.

Holleman WL: Foreword. In: Howard Stein, Learning Pieces. Pittsburgh, Dorrance, 2000.

Holleman WL: Dear Mr. Gorbachev (letter) In: Fischel LS (ed). Dear Mr. Gorbachev (Forward by Mikhail Gorbachev): Edinburgh, Scotland, Canongate:141, 1990.

4. Book Reviews.

Holleman WL: Gentle Men & Ladies in Waiting, by Alan Blum. Family Medicine 45(1):60-61, 2013.

Holleman WL: Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy, edited by Froma Walsh. Families, Systems & Health 8: 367-369, Fall 2000.

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Holleman WL: The Human Rights Movement: Robert Drinan’s Cry of the Oppressed: The History and Hope of the Human Rights Revolution. Cross Currents 39:232-234, 1989.


Grant & Contract Support

Title: Program Expansion: Sexual Abuse Recovery and Children's Therapy Playroom
Funding Source: Veritas DGC Inc.
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2003 - 2005
Title: Project Total Recovery (In collaboration with Star of Hope), Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Funding Source: Baylor College of Medicine (Mental Health Component)
Role: Principal Investigator - Baylor Mental Health Component.
Duration: 9/30/2002 - 9/29/2005
Title: Establishment of a Children's Therapy Playroom for Homeless and Abused Children at the Star of Hope
Funding Source: Veritas DGC Inc
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2002
Title: CARES Childhood Health Collaborative Program
Funding Source: Baylor College of Medicine (Mental Health Component) Episcopal Health Charities Maternal and Child Health Collaborative (in collaboration with Star of Hope Mission)
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 6/1/1999 - 5/31/2002
Title: Health Collaborative for Homeless Families – A Demonstration Program of Star of Hope Mission
Funding Source: Baylor College of Medicine (Mental Health Component) Episcopal Health Charities Maternal and Child Health Collaborative (in collaboration with Star of Hope Mission)
Role: Principal Investigator - Baylor/Mental Health Component
Duration: 8/1/1998 - 7/31/2001
Title: The ELSI Electronic Case Book Project
Funding Source: National Institutes of Health, National Center for Human Genome Research
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator: Honda
Duration: 9/1/1996 - 8/31/1999
Title: Family Practice Residency Program Pilot Project: A collaborative model clinic for homeless patients
Funding Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Role: Project Director
Principal Investigator: Matson
Duration: 10/1/1995 - 8/31/1999
Title: Health Care Services for the Homeless (in collaboration with Harris County Hospital District)
Funding Source: Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration
Role: Subcontract Principal Investigator
Duration: 11/1/1992 - 10/31/1996
Title: Establishment of Departments of Family Medicine (Clinical Performances
Funding Source: Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources & Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services (Public Health Service)
Role: Research Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Rakel
Duration: 9/1/1992 - 8/31/1995
Title: Longitudinal Home Care for Indigent Cancer Patients
Funding Source: Lamar Fleming Fund
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 1992 - 1993
Title: Educational Program in Compassion and the Art of Medicine
Funding Source: Community Hospital Foundation
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 1989 - 2009
Title: Residency Training Grant: Ethical Decision Making
Funding Source: United States Public Health Service
Role: Co-Investigator and Director
Principal Investigator: Rakel & Matson
Duration: 1989 - 1994
Title: Preemployment Examination Profile
Funding Source: American Academy of Family Physicians
Role: Project Director
Duration: 1989

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