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Catherine Akay, MD

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Department of Breast Surgical Oncology, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Regional Care Center Katy
19770 Kingsland Blvd
Unit Number: 2052
Houston 77094
Phone: 281-646-4583
Fax: 281-646-4320

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

2003 Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO, MD, Doctor of Medicine
1999 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, BA, Cum Laude, Neuroscience

Board Certifications

3/2011 American Board of Surgery

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Xiang DB, Wei B, Abraham SC, Huo L, Albarracin CT, Zhang H, Babiera G, Caudle AS, Akay CL, Rao P, Zhao YJ, Lu X, Wu Y. Molecular cytogenetic characterization of mammary neuroendocrine carcinoma. Hum Pathol 45(9):1951-6, 9/2014. e-Pub 6/2014. PMID: 25074542.
2. Takiar V, Akay CL, Stauder MC, Tereffe W, Alvarez R, Hoffman K, Perkins G, Strom E, Buchholz T, Ueno N, Babiera G, Woodward W. Predictors of Durable No Evidence of Disease Status in de novo Metastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Post-Mastectomy Radiation. Springerplus. e-Pub 3/2014.
3. Akay CL, Ueno NT, Chisholm GB, Hortobagyi GN, Woodward WA, Alvarez RH, Bedrosian I, Kuerer HM, Hunt KK, Huo L, Babiera GV. Primary tumor resection as a component of multimodality treatment may improve local control and survival in patients with stage IV inflammatory breast cancer. Cancer 120(9). e-Pub 2/2014. PMID: 24510381.
4. Akay CL, Meric-Bernstam F, Hunt KK, Grubbs EG, Bedrosian I, Tucker SL, Kuerer HM, Hoffman KE, Babiera GV, Strom EA, Buchholz TA, Mittendorf EA. Evaluation of the MD Anderson Prognostic Index for local-regional recurrence after breast conserving therapy in patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Ann Surg Oncol 19(3):901-7, 3/2012. e-Pub 8/23/2011. PMID: 21861223.
5. Albo D, Akay CL, Marshall CL, Wilks JA, Verstovsek G, Liu H, Agarwal N, Berger DH, Ayala GE. Neurogenesis in colorectal cancer is a marker of aggressive tumor behavior and poor outcomes. Cancer 117(21):4834-45, 11/1/2011. e-Pub 4/8/2011. PMID: 21480205.
6. Liebig C, Ayala G, Wilks J, Verstovsek G, Liu H, Agarwal N, Berger DH, Albo D. Perineural invasion is an independent predictor of outcome in colorectal cancer. J Clin Oncol 27(31):5131-7, 11/1/2009. e-Pub 9/8/2009. PMCID: PMC2773472.
7. Liebig C, Wilks JA, Feig BW, Wang TN, Wilson M, Herdman AV, Albo D. The role of angiocidin in sarcomas. Cancer 115(22):5251-62, 11/15/2009. PMID: 19634159.
8. Liebig C, Ayala G, Wilks JA, Berger DH, Albo D. Perineural invasion in cancer: a review of the literature. Cancer 115(15):3379-91, 8/1/2009. PMID: 19484787.
9. Wilks JA, Liebig C, Tasleem SH, Haderxhanaj K, Lee L, Farrow B, Awad S, Berger D, Albo D. Rectal cancer patients benefit from implementation of a dedicated colorectal cancer center in a Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Am J Surg 198(1):100-4, 7/2009. e-Pub 3/6/2009. PMID: 19268899.
10. Liebig C, Agarwal N, Ayala GE, Verstovsek G, Tuszynski GP, Albo D. Angiocidin inhibitory peptides decrease tumor burden in a murine colon cancer model. J Surg Res 142(2):320-6, 10/2007. e-Pub 8/23/2007. PMID: 17719063.


1. Akay CL, Bedrosian I, Sahin A, Woodward W, Ueno N, Kuerer H, Hunt KK, Babiera G. Primary Tumor Resection as a Component of Multimodality Treatment May Improve Survival and Local Disease Control in Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Cancer, 11/2013.
2. Akay CL, Whitsell T, Kuerer H, Sahin A, Krishnamurthy S, Hunt K, Meric-Bernstam F, Yi M, Bedrosian B, Babiera G, Mittendorf E, Hwang R. Intraoperative Evaluation of Sentinel Lymph Nodes is Accurate After Neoadjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer. Society of Surgical Oncology, 2012.
3. Marshall CL, Orcutt ST, Ayala GE, Balentive CJ, Robinson CN, Akay CL, Beer Dh, Albo D. Stage II Colorectal Cancer Patients with Perineural Invasion Benefit from Adjuvant Chemotheraphy. Annals of Surgical Oncology 18(s76), 2011.
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Book Chapters

1. Akay CL, Meric-Bernstam F. Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer. In: Surgery. Ed(s) Corson and Williamson. JP Publishing, 2013.
2. Akay CL, Kuerer HM, Hwang RF. Sential Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer: MD Anderson Cancer Center Approach. In: Advanced Therapy of Breast Diseases. Singletary, Robb and Hortobagyi, 2011.

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