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Constance T. Albarracin, M.D., Ph.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Division of Pathology/Lab Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1993 University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, PHD, Physiology
1984 University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, MD, Medicine


Other Appointments/Responsibilities

Departmental Liaison, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Women's Faculty Programs, Houston, TX, 7/2010-present
Affiliate Faculty, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Clinical Cancer Genetics, Houston, TX, 2007-present

Professional Memberships

American Association of Cancer Research
Member, 2004-present
Scientific Publication Advisory Board
Member, 2008-present

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Dawood S1, Haaland B, Albaracin C, Gupta S, Cortes J, Sim YY, Dent RA. Is the Proportion of Patients Diagnosed with Synchronous Stage IV Breast Cancer Who Survive More than Two Years Increasing over Time? Oncology, 4/2015. e-Pub 4/2015.
2. Bhardwaj A, Ganesan N, Tachibana K, Rajapakshe K, Albarracin CT, Gunaratne PH, Coarfa C, Bedrosian I. Annexin A1 preferentially predicts poor prognosis of basal-like breast cancer patients by activating mTOR-S6 signaling. PLoS One 10(5):e0127678, 2015. e-Pub 5/2015. PMID: 26000884.
3. Peintinger F, Sinn B, Hatzis C, Albarracin C, Downs-Kelly E, Morkowski J, Gould R, Symmans WF. Reproducibility of residual cancer burden for prognostic assessment of breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Mod Pathol 2015.53, 2015. e-Pub 5/2015. PMID: 25932963.
4. Geyer FC, Lacroix-Triki M, Colombo PE, Patani N, Gauthier A, Natrajan R, Lambros MB, Khalifeh I, Albarracin C, Orru S, Marchiò C, Sapino A, Mackay A, Weigelt B, Schmitt FC, Wesseling J, Sneige N, Reis-Filho JS. Molecular Evidence in Support of the Neoplastic and Precursor Nature of Microglandular Adenosis. Histopathology 60(6B):E115-30, 5/2012. PMID: 22486256.
5. Shehu A, Albarracin C, Devi YS, Luther K, Halperin J, Le J, Mao J, Duan RW, Frasor J, Gibori G. The Stimulation of HSD17B7 Expression by Estradiol Provides a Powerful Feed-Forward Mechanism for Estradiol Biosynthesis in Breast Cancer Cells. Mol Endocrinol 25(5):754-66, 5/2011. PMCID: PMC3082328.
6. Nguyen CV, Albarracin CT, Whitman GJ, Lopez A, Sneige N. Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia in Directional Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy of Breast Microcalcifications: Considerations for Surgical Excision. Ann Surg Oncol 18(3):752-61, 3/2011. PMID: 20972636.
7. Arun B, Vogel KJ, Lopez A, Hernandez M, Atchley D, Broglio KR, Amos CI, Meric-Bernstam F, Kuerer H, Hortobagyi GN, Albarracin CT. High Prevalence of Pre-invasive Lesions Adjacent to BRCA1/2-Associated Breast Cancers. Cancer Prev Res (Phila) 2(2):122-7, 2/2009. PMID: 19174581.
8. Cao Y, Li Y, Edelweiss M, Arun B, Rosen D, Resetkova E, Wu Y, Liu J, Sahin A, Albarracin CT. Loss of Annexin A1 expression in breast cancer progression. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol 16(6):530-4, 12/2008. PMID: 18776816.
9. Luthra R, Singh RR, Luthra MG, Li YX, Hannah C, Romans AM, Barkoh BA, Chen SS, Ensor J, Maru DM, Broaddus RR, Rashid A, Albarracin CT. MicroRNA-196a targets Annexin A1: A microRNA-mediated mechanism of Annexin A1 downregulation in cancers. Oncogene 27(52):6667-78, 11/2008. PMID: 18663355.
10. Wang KL, Wu TT, Choi IS, Wang H, Resetkova E, Correa AM, Hofstetter WL, Swisher SG, Ajani JA, Rashid A, Albarracin CT. Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in esophageal and esophagogastric junction adenocarcinomas: association with poor outcome. Cancer 109(4):658-67, 2/2007. PMID: 17211865.


1. Liang Y, Huo L, Albarracin C, Gong Y, Wu Y. Prognostic Significance of Multifocal Lesion in ER+ Breast Cancers. Radiological Society of North America (#452974), 2013.
2. Albarracin CT. Association of p27kip1 Expression and BRCA Status Among Women With Breast Cancer: A Single Institution Study, 10/2011.

Grant & Contract Support

Title: Integrative Molecular and Imagine Approaches for risk of subtype specific Breast Cancer
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: El-Zein, Randa
Duration: 4/1/2015 - 3/31/2020
Title: Targeting the APOBEC3B-induced mutator phenotype in breast cancer prevention, Career Catalyst Research Award
Funding Source: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Role: Mentor
Principal Investigator: Guang Peng
Duration: 9/1/2014 - 8/31/2017
Title: Impact of ErbB2 and RB pathways on DCIS progression and treatment
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Agnes Witkiewicz
Duration: 7/1/2012 - 6/30/2017
Title: CDK Inhibition and Smad3 Tumor Suppression in Aggressive Breast Cancer Subtypes
Funding Source: NIH/NCI, Northwestern University
Role: Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jaqueline Jeruss
Duration: 2011
Title: Role of MicroRNA of the Annexin A1 Pathway in Breast Cancer Progression
Funding Source: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 5/1/2010 - 4/30/2013
Title: Aberrant Expression Of Mir-196 Targets Annexin A1 In In Situ And Invasive Breast Carcinomas: Potential Role In Breast Cancer Progression.
Funding Source: American Cancer Society (ACS)
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2010
Title: DCIS Collaborative Consortium
Funding Source: University of California, San Francisco
Role: Collaborator
Duration: 9/30/2009 - 9/29/2011
Title: Detection Of High Risk In Preneoplastic and Preinvasive Lesions of Breast Cancer
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 2009 - 2012
Title: Prospective Evaluation of Molecular Triaging with Pharmacogenomic Tests to Select Neoadjuvant Treatment.
Funding Source: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Role: Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Dr. W. Fraser Symmans
Duration: 12/15/2008 - 12/14/2010
Title: Mechanisms Of Tumor Resistance To Anti-HER/Erbb Theraputics In Breast Cancer
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhen Fan
Duration: 4/2/2008 - 1/31/2013
Title: MicroRNA Profiling To Identify Functional Targets Of Annexin A1 In Breast Cancer
Funding Source: Institutional Research Grant
Role: Principal Investigator-MDACC
Duration: 2/14/2007 - 6/14/2010
Title: Annexin In Primary And Metastatic Breast Carcinoma
Role: Career Development Award
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi
Duration: 2/14/2006 - 2/14/2007
Title: The Role Of Annexin A1 In Breast Cancer Cell Lines And Breast Cancer Tissues
Funding Source: Goodwin Foundation, Pilot Project, Commonwealth Foundation
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 10/2004 - 10/2005
Title: Genomic and epigenomic signatures regulated by microRNA-29c-DNMT3A for risk assessment and prevention of triple negative breast cancer
Funding Source: Department of Defense (DOD)
Role: Collaborator
Principal Investigator: Dr. Isabelle Bedrosian

Last updated: 8/27/2015