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Gregory P. Reece, MD, FACS

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Bio Statement

Gregory P. Reece, M.D. is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  He completed general surgery training at The University Hospital of Northeast Florida in Jacksonville, Florida and plastic surgery training at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas.  He received advanced training in Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery through fellowship at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Reece has lectured nationally and internationally on a broad range of topics related to plastic and reconstructive surgery and has authored and co-authored over 130 peer-reviewed articles and 16 book chapters.

Dr. Reece's research interests are focused on understanding correlations between a patient's aesthetic outcome and patient reported outcomes in patients undergoing breast and head and neck cancer surgery.  He is also interested in the mechanics of angiogenesis of conventional grafts and tissue engineered constructs.

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Plastic Surgery
P.O. Box 301402
1400 Pressler, FCT19.5000
Unit Number: 1488
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (713) 794-1247
Fax: (713) 794-5492

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1982 Louisiana State Medical School, Shreveport, LA, MD, Medicine
1978 McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA, BS, Zoology

Postgraduate Training

7/1989-6/1990 Fellowship, Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, Mark Schusterman, M.D.
7/1987-6/1989 Residency, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Houston, TX, Don Parks, M.D.
7/1983-6/1987 Residency, General Surgery, University Hospital of Jacksonville, University of Northeast Florida,, Jacksonville, FL, Raymond Alexander, M.D.
7/1982-6/1983 Internship, General Surgery, University Hospital of Jacksonville, University of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, FL, Ray Alexander, M.D.

Board Certifications

11/1992 American Board of Plastic Surgery
2/1991 American Board of Surgery


Academic Appointments

Courtesy Staff, St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, TX, 2/2011-8/2014
Associate Member, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas Center for Biomedical Engineering, Austin, TX, 2003-present
Courtesy Staff, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX, 1/1992-2013
Affiliate Staff, Department of Plastic Surgery, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, TX, 1/1990-5/2013

Administrative Appointments/Responsibilities

Director of Clinical Professional Practice, Department of Plastic Surgery, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 8/2014-present
Quality Officer, Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 2009-present
Director, Clinical Research, Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 1/1997-2013

Institutional Committee Activities

Member, Computerized Provider Order Entry Steering Committee, 4/2010-2011
Member, OPPE/FPPE, 11/2009-present
Committee Member, Clinical Safety & Effectiveness Steering Committee, 7/2009-8/2012
Member, Surgical Informatics IT Workgroup, 3/2008-7/2011
Member, Clinical Effectiveness Committee, 7/2007-8/2012
Member, Clinical and Research Informatics Committee (CRIC), 2/2006-4/2012

Honors and Awards

2014 Best Regional Paper, North America, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
2008-present Clinical Safety & Effective Program, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
2008 Who's Who in America
1996-2016 The Best Doctors in America
1985 Thad M. Mosely Award for Excellence in Clinical Research, University of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
1982 John C. McDonald Surgical Award for Academic Excellence, Louisiana State Medical School, Shreveport, Louisiana

Professional Memberships

American Association of Plastic Surgeons
Member, 2002-present
American College of Surgeons
Fellow, 1996-present
American Journal of Medical Quality
Member, 11/2006-present
American Medical Association
Member, 1982-present
American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
Member, 1995-present
American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons
Member, 2000-present
American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Member, 1992-present
Harris County Medical Society
Member, 1990-present
Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons
Member, 1991-present
North American Vascular Biology Organization
Member, 1996-2007
Plastic Surgery Research Council
Member, 2001-present
Texas Medical Association
Member, 1990-present
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society
Member, 2003-2007

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Lee J, Kim E, Reece G, Crosby M, Beahm E, Markey M. Automated Calculation of Ptosis on Lateral Clinical Photographs. J Eval Clin Pract, 6/2015. e-Pub 6/2015.
2. Khatam H, Reece GP, Fingeret MC, Markey MK, Ravi-Chandar K. In-vivo Quantification of Human Breast Deformation Associated with the Position Change from Supine to Upright. Medical Engineering Physics 37(1):13-22, 1/2015. e-Pub 10/2014. PMCID: PMC4297751.
3. Reece G, Merchant F, Andon J, Khatam H, Ravi-Chandar K, Weston J, Fingeret M, Lane C, Duncan K, Markey M. 3D Surface Imaging of the Human Female Torso in Upright to Supine Positions. Medical Engineering Physics 37(4):375-383, 2015.
4. Lee J, Fingeret M, Bovik A, Reece G, Skoracki R, Hanasono M, Markey M. Eigen-Disfigurement Model for Simulating Plausible Facial Disfigurement After Reconstructive Surgery. BMC Medical Imaging 15(12), 2015.
5. Sun CS, Cantor SB, Reece GP, Fingeret MC, Crosby MA, Markey MK. Helping Patients Make Choices About Breast Reconstruction: A Decision Analysis Approach. Plast Reconstr Surg 134(4):597-608, 10/2014. PMCID: PMC4217136.
6. Lee J, Teo I, Guindani M, Reece GP, Markey MK, Fingeret MC. Associations Between Psychosocial Functioning and Smiling Intensity in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer. Psychol Health Med. e-Pub 8/27/2014. PMID: 25159529.
7. Chang EI, Chang EI, Soto-Miranda MA, Zhang H, Nosrati N, Crosby MA, Reece GP, Robb GL, Chang DW. Comprehensive Evaluation of Risk Factors and Management of Impending Flap Loss in 2,138 Breast Free Flaps. Ann Plast Surg. e-Pub 7/4/2014. PMID: 25003429.
8. Sun CS, Cantor SB, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Fingeret MC, Markey MK. Assessing Women's Preferences and Preference Modeling for Breast Reconstruction Decision Making. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 3(3):e125, 3/2014. PMCID: PMC4120963.
9. Sun CS, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Fingeret MC, Skoracki RJ, Villa MT, Hanasono MM, Baumann DP, Chang DW, Cantor SB, Markey MK. Plastic Surgeon Expertise in Predicting Breast Reconstruction Outcomes for Patient Decision Analysis. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 1(8):e78, 11/1/2013. PMCID: PMC4044723.
10. Fingeret MC, Nipomnick SW, Crosby MA, Reece GP. Developing a Theoretical Framework to Illustrate Associations Among Patient Satisfaction, Body Image and Quality of Life for Women Undergoing Breast Reconstruction. Cancer Treat Rev 39(6):673-81, 10/2013. e-Pub 2/4/2013. PMCID: PMC3681916.
11. Kawale MM, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Beahm EK, Fingeret MC, Markey MK, Merchant FA. Automated Identification of Fiducial Points on 3D Torso Images. Biomed Eng Comput Biol 5:57-68, 2013. e-Pub 7/2/2013. PMCID: PMC4147764.
12. Gould DJ, Reece GP. Skin Graft Vascular Maturation and Remodeling: A Multifractal Approach to Morphological Quantification. Microcirculation 19(7):652-663, 10/2012. PMCID: PMC3467318.
13. Lee J, Chen S, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Beahm EK, Markey MK. "A Novel Quantitative Measure of Breast Curvature Based on Catenary". IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 59(4):1115-1124, 4/2012. e-Pub 1/16/2012. PMCID: PMC3334380.
14. Dirk S, Cicotte K, Hedberg-Dirk E, Buerger S, Lin P, Reece G. Conductive Electrospun and Micro-Stereolithographically Produced Porous Scaffolds as Potential Neural Interface Materials. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 1418:163-170, 2012.
15. Dabeer M, Kim E, Reece GP, Merchant F, Crosby MA, Beahm EK, Markey MK. Automatic Calculation of Symmetry Measure on Clinical Photographs. J Eval Clin Pract 17(6):1129-36, 12/2011. e-Pub 7/13/2010. PMCID: PMC2958233.
16. Kim MS, Rodney WN, Reece GP, Beahm EK, Crosby MA, Markey MK. Quantifying the Aesthetic Outcomes of Breast Cancer Treatment: Assessment of Surgical Scars From Clinical Photographs. J Eval Clin Pract 17(6):1075-1082, 12/2011. e-Pub 7/13/2010. PMCID: PMC2958242.
17. Kim MS, Burgess A, Waters AJ, Reece GP, Beahm EK, Crosby MA, Basen-Engquist KM, Markey MK. A Pilot Study on Using Eye Tracking to Understand Assessment of Surgical Outcomes from Clinical Photography. J Digit Imaging 24(5):778-786, 10/2011. PMCID: PMC3180533.
18. Kawale M, Lee J, Leung SY, Fingeret MC, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Beahm EK, Markey MK, Merchant FA. 3D Symmetry Measure Invariant to Subject Pose During Image Acquisition. Breast Cancer (Auckl) 5:131-142, 2011. e-Pub 6/9/2011. PMCID: PMC3140267.
19. Lee J, Kawale M, Merchant FA, Weston J, Fingeret MC, Ladewig D, Reece GP, Crosby MA, Beahm EK, Markey MK. Validation of Stereophotogrammetry of the Human Torso. Breast Cancer (Auckl) 5:15-25, 2011. e-Pub 2/15/2011. PMCID: PMC3076012.
20. Moreno MA, Lewin JS, Hutcheson KA, Bishop Leone JK, Barringer DA, Reece GP. Tracheostomaplasty: A Surgical Method for Improving Retention of an Intraluminal Stoma Button for Hands-Free Tracheoesophageal Speech. Head Neck 32(12):1674-80, 12/2010. PMCID: PMC4061978.
21. Gupta V, Davis G, Gordon A, Altman AM, Reece G, Gascoyne PR, Mathur AB. Endothelial and Stem Cell Interactions on Dielectrophoretically Aligned Fibrous Silk Fibroin-Chitosan Scaffolds. J Biomed Mater Res A 94(2):515-23, 8/2010.
22. Ellsworth WA, Reece GP, Friedman JD. Safety and Efficacy of Suction-Assisted Lipectomy on Irradiated Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue. Ann Plast Surg 64(4):442-5, 4/2010. PMID: 20224332.
23. Fingeret MC, Vidrine DJ, Reece GP, Gillenwater AM, Gritz ER. Multidimensional Analysis of Body Image Concerns Among Newly Diagnosed Patients with Oral Cavity Cancer. Head Neck 32(3):301-9, 3/2010. PMCID: PMC2821979.
24. Lee J, Beahm EK, Crosby MA, Reece GP, Markey MK. Analysis of Breast Contour using Rotated Catenary. AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2010:427-431, 2010. e-Pub 11/13/2010. PMCID: PMC3041438.
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26. Chang D, Reece G, Wang B, Robb G, Miller M, Evans G, Langstein H, Kroll S. Effect of Smoking on Complications in Patients Undergoing Free TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction. Plast Reconstr Surg 105(7):2374-2380, 6/2000. PMID: 10845289.


1. Sun C, Merchant F, Ravi-Chandar K, Fingeret M, Reece G, Markey M. 3D Computer Technology Addresses Body-Image Issues of Breast Reconstruction. SPIE Medical Imaging, 2/2013.
2. Lee J, Reece G, Markey M. Breast Curvature of the Upper and Lower Breast Mound: 3D Analysis of Patients Who Underwent Breast Reconstruction. 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 10/2012.

Letters to the Editor

1. Hanasono MM, Lee JC, Yang JS, Skoracki RJ, Reece G, Esmaeli B. Reply. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 124(2):663-664, 2009.

Grant & Contract Support

Title: 3-D Computer Modeling for Optimizing Body Image Following Breast Reconstruction
Funding Source: NIH
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Mia Markey, Ph.D.
Duration: 7/1/2010 - 6/30/2015
Title: Body Image Functioning in Cancer Patients Undergoing Facial Reconstruction
Funding Source: American Cancer Society (ACS)
Role: Co-Mentor
Principal Investigator: Michelle Cororve Fingeret, Ph.D.
Duration: 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2014
Title: Quantifying Appearance Changes Following Breast Reconstruction
Funding Source: American Cancer Society (ACS)
Role: PI-Subcontract
Duration: 7/1/2009 - 6/30/2013

Last updated: 7/13/2015