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Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Vice President for Translational Research, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Internist and Professor of Medicine, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Harry Carothers Wiess Distinguished University Chair for Cancer Research, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Dual/Joint/Adjunct Appointment

Internist and Professor of Medicine, Department of Gynecologic Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Research Interests

  1. Cell growth regulation of ovarian and breast carcinomas. 
  2. Imprinted tumor suppressor genes. 
  3. Autophagy and tumor dormancy.
  4. Early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer. 
  5. Modulation of taxane sensitivity.

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1971 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, MD, magna cum laude, Medicine
1965 Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, BA, cum laude, Biology

Postgraduate Training

1976-1977 Fellow in Medical Oncology, Sidney Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, Emil Frei III, M.D.
1975-1976 Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, Eugene Braunwald, M.D.
1975-1976 Assistant Resident Physician, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, MA, Eugene Braunwald, M.D.
1974-1975 Research Scientist, Biology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, Herbert Rapp, Ph.D.
1972-1975 Research Associate, Biology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, Herbert Rapp, Ph.D.
1971-1972 Medical Intern, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, A. McGee Harvey, M.D.
1967-1969 USPHS Post-sophomore Fellow and Student Research Fellow, Dept. of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Hal Dvorak, M.D.

Board Certifications

1986 American Board of Internal Medicine (Hematology)
1979 American Board of Internal Medicine (Medical Oncology)
1978 American Board of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine)

Honors and Awards

2014 Shashikant Lele Lecture, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
2013 Claudia Cohen Award, Gynecological Cancer Foundation, Society of Gynecologic Oncology
2011 Emil Frei III Award for Excellence in Translational Research, Division of Cancer Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center
2011 Hero Award, Cattlemen for Cancer Research
2008 American Cancer Society Lecturer, Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
2008 Honorary Vice President, Ovarian Cancer Action, Helene Harris Memorial Trust
2008 Rosalind Franklin Award for Excellence in Ovarian Cancer Research, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
2007 Honorary Fellow, Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Division of Cancer Medicine
2007 Outstanding Leadership Award, Specialized Programs of Research Excellence, National Cancer Institute
2006 Award for Excellence in Gynecologic Oncology, International Gynecologic Cancer Society
2006 Richard W. TeLinde Lecturer, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
2003-present American Clinical and Climatological Association
2003-present America's Top Physicians
2003-present Highly Cited Researcher, Institute for Scientific Information
2002-present American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow
2002 Distinguished Speaker, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Symposium, University of California
2002 Plenary Speaker, International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
2001 ISOBM-Abbott Award, International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine, Barcelona, Spain
2000 George D. Wilbanks Lecturer, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
1998 Award of Achievement, Partners in Courage, American Cancer Society, Houston, Texas
1997 Alon Dembo Memorial Keynote Lecturer, International Gynecologic Cancer Society
1996 Robert C. Knapp Lecturer, Brigham and Women's Hospital
1996 SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories Award, Clinical Ligand Assay Society
1995-present Association of American Physicians
1995 Recognition for Outstanding Leadership and Advocacy, National Coalition for Cancer Research
1994 Award for Scientific Excellence, Mediterranean Society of Tumor Marker Oncology Athens, Greece
1993 Arnold O. Beckman Distinguished Lectureship, American Association for Clinical Chemistry
1993 Master Lecturer and Honorary President, An International Multidisciplinary Symposium: CA125 Ten Years Later, San Remo, Italy
1992-present The Best Doctors in America
1992 Stolte Memorial Lecture, Free University of Amsterdam
1991 D. Nelson Henderson Lecture, University of Toronto
1991 John Ohtani Memorial Lecture, University of Hawaii
1990 Robert C. Knapp Award
1987 Edward G. Waters Memorial Lecture
1984-present American Society for Clinical Investigation
1984 Dominus Award
1978-1983 Scholar, Leukemia Society of America
1971 Alpha Omega Alpha
1971 Henry Asbury Christian Award, Harvard Medical School
1965 Sigma Xi

Professional Memberships

American Association for Cancer Research
Member, 1978-present
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow, 2002-present
Member, 1997-present
American Association of Immunologists
Member, 1979-present
American Clinical & Climatological Association
Member, 2003-present
American College of Physicians
Fellow, 1990-present
American Federation for Clinical Research
Member, 1980-present
American Society for Clinical Investigation
Institutional Representative, 1997-2002
Member, 1984-present
American Society for Microbiology
Member, 1975-present
American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Member, 1994
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Chairman, Tumor Markers Expert Panel, 1994-2006
Member, 1979-present
American Society of Hematology
Member, 1985-present
Association of American Physicians
Member, 1995-present
Clinical Immunology Society
Member, 1987-present
International Gynecological Cancer Society
Member, Nominating Committee, Americas, 2008-2010
Council, 1997-2002
Member, 1986-present
International Society for Immunopharmacology
Member, 1982-present
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee, 2006-present
Society for Biological Therapy
Member, 1984-present
Board of Directors, 1984-1986
Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
Associate Member, 1988-2009
T. J. Martell Foundation
Scientific Advisory Board, 2004-present
The Reticuloendothelial Society
Member, 1974-present
The V Foundation
Board of Directors, 1993-present
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1993-present
Western Association of Gynecologic Oncologists
Honorary Member, 1990

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Lu KH, Skates S, Hernandez MA, Bedi D, Bevers T, Leeds L, Moore R, Granai C, Harris S, Newland W, Adeyinka O, Geffen J, Deavers MT, Sun CC, Horick N, Fritsche H, Bast RC. A 2-stage ovarian cancer screening strategy using the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm (ROCA) identifies early-stage incident cancers and demonstrates high positive predictive value. Cancer 119(19):3454-61, 10/1/2013. e-Pub 8/26/2013. PMCID: PMC3982191.
2. Fu S, Li Y, Huang J, Liu T, Hong Z, Chen A, Bast RC, Kavanagh JJ, Gershenson DM, Sood AK, Hu W. Aurora kinase inhibitor VE 465 synergistically enhances cytotoxicity of carboplatin in ovarian cancer cells through induction of apoptosis and downregulation of histone 3. Cancer Biol Ther 13(11):1034-41, 9/2012. e-Pub 8/16/2012. PMCID: PMC3461810.
3. Russell P, Hennessy BT, Li J, Carey MS, Bast RC, Freeman T, Venkitaraman AR. Cyclin G1 regulates the outcome of taxane-induced mitotic checkpoint arrest. Oncogene 31(19):2450-60, 5/10/2012. e-Pub 11/7/2011. PMCID: PMC3351588.
4. Le XF, Mao W, He G, Claret FX, Xia W, Ahmed AA, Hung MC, Siddik ZH, Bast RC. The Role of p27Kip1 in Dasatinib-Enhanced Paclitaxel Cytotoxicity in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells. J Natl Cancer Inst 103(18):1403-22, 9/21/2011. e-Pub 8/2/2011. PMCID: PMC3176777.
5. Ahmed AA, Lu Z, Jennings NB, Etemadmoghadam D, Capalbo L, Jacamo RO, Barbosa-Morais N, Le XF, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group, Vivas-Mejia P, Lopez-Berestein G, Grandjean G, Bartholomeusz G, Liao W, Andreeff M, Bowtell D, Glover DM, Sood AK, Bast RC. SIK2 is a centrosome kinase required for bipolar mitotic spindle formation that provides a potential target for therapy in ovarian cancer. Cancer Cell 18(2):109-121, 8/9/2010. PMCID: PMC3954541.
6. Yurkovetsky Z, Skates S, Lomakin A, Nolen B, Pulsipher T, Modugno F, Marks J, Godwin A, Gorelik E, Jacobs I, Menon U, Lu K, Badgwell D, Bast RC, Lokshin AE. Development of a multimarker assay for early detection of ovarian cancer. J Clin Oncol 28(13):2159-66, 5/1/2010. e-Pub 4/5/2010. PMCID: PMC2860434.
7. Moore RG, MacLaughlan S, Bast RC. Current state of biomarker development for clinical application in epithelial ovarian cancer. Gynecol Oncol 116(2):240-5, 2/2010. e-Pub 10/31/2009. PMCID: PMC3134885.
8. Samanta AK, Huang HJ, Le XF, Mao W, Lu KH, Bast RC, Liao WS. MEKK3 expression correlates with nuclear factor kappa B activity and with expression of antiapoptotic genes in serous ovarian carcinoma. Cancer 115(17):3897-908, 9/1/2009. e-Pub 6/10/2009. PMCID: PMC3061353.
9. Kurzrock R, Pilat S, Bartolazzi M, Sanders D, Van Wart Hood J, Tucker SD, Webster K, Mallamaci MA, Strand S, Babcock E, Bast RC. Project zero delay: A process for accelerating the activation of cancer clinical trials. J Clin Oncol 27(26):4433-40, 9/10/2009. e-Pub 8/3/2009. PMID: 19652061.
10. Bast RC, Hennessy B, Mills GB. The Biology of Ovarian Cancer: New Opportunities for Translation. Nat Rev Cancer 9(6):415-28, 6/2009. PMCID: PMC2814299.
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12. Anderson NS, Bermudez Y, Badgwell D, Chen R, Nicosia SV, Bast RC, Kruk PA. Urinary levels of Bcl-2 are elevated in ovarian cancer patients. Gynecol Oncol 112(1):60-67, 1/2009. e-Pub 11/12/2008. PMCID: PMC3729448.
13. Cheon DJ, Wang Y, Deng JM, Lu Z, Xiao L, Chen CM, Bast RC, Behringer RR. CA125/MUC16 is dispensable for mouse development and reproduction. PLoS One 4(3):e4675, 2009. e-Pub 3/5/2009. PMCID: PMC2650410.
14. Wang Y, Cheon DJ, Lu Z, Cunningham SL, Chen CM, Luo RZ, Xing D, Orsulic S, Bast RC, Behringer RR. MUC16 expression during embryogenesis, in adult tissues, and ovarian cancer in the mouse. Differentiation 76(10):1081-1092, 12/2008. e-Pub 7/2/2008. PMCID: PMC2593124.
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Grant & Contract Support

Title: Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer with Tumor Associated Proteins and Autoantibodies
Funding Source: Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 3/1/2016 - 2/28/2019
Title: NCI Cancer Center Support Grant
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator: Ronald DePinho, M.D.
Duration: 7/1/2003 - 6/30/2018
Title: Paul Calabresi Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 9/1/2000 - 8/31/2015
Title: NIH SPORE in Ovarian Cancer
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator: Bast, Gershenson, Sood
Duration: 10/1/1999 - 8/31/2015
Title: Ovarian SPORE Project 1: Novel Tumor Markers for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Project Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator: Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D.
Duration: 10/1/1999 - 8/31/2015

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