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Wayne L. Hofstetter, M.D.

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Professor, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Director, Esophageal Surgery Program, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery - Research, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Bio Statement

Wayne L. Hofstetter, M.D., is currently Professor in the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and serves as Director of the Esophageal Surgery Program.

A graduate of the University of Southern California Medical School, Dr. Hofstetter focused on thoracic surgical disease, completing fellowships in esophageal and foregut surgeries at the University of Southern California, and then thoracic oncology at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Broadly trained as a cardiothoracic surgeon and thoracic oncologist at the Texas Heart Institute, he now devotes a great deal of his work to esophageal cancer and lung cancer. At M. D. Anderson, he formed a strong network of clinicians with specific interests in esophageal diseases. A multidisciplinary group emerged under his able leadership, and together, physicians from other specialties like Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Gastroenterology collaborate closely to treat esophageal cancer patients.

Dr. Hofstetter is a leading proponent of surgical and multidisciplinary approaches to esophageal cancer and minimally invasive approaches to lung cancer, bringing to the institution his unique clinical skills in MIS approaches to thoracic surgery.

Board certified both by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Hofstetter is nationally and internationally involved in a host of clinical and scientific endeavors with membership in several organizations, the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, the General Thoracic Surgical Club, the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, including the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. His research, which forms a vital part of his academic role, has led to numerous peer-reviewed publications, notably in such journals as the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, and Cancer.

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1400 Pressler
Unit Number: 1489
Houston, TX 77030
Room Number: FTC19.6014
Phone: 713) 563-9130
Fax: (713) 794-4901

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1993 University of Southern California Medical School, Los Angeles, CA, MD, MD
1989 University of California at Davis, Davis, CA, BA, Economics

Postgraduate Training

1/2002-6/2002 Fellow, Cardiovascular Surgery, Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX, David Ott, M.D.
1/2001-12/2001 Fellow, Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, Jack A. Roth, M.D.
7/2000-12/2000 Fellow, Cardiovascular Surgery, Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX, David Ott, M.D.
7/1999-6/2000 Fellow, Thoracic and Esophageal, USC University Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, Tom DeMeester, M.D.
7/1996-7/1997 Research Fellowship, LAC+USC, Department of Surgery,, Los Angeles, CA, Robert Beart, M.D.
7/1994-6/1999 Resident, General Surgery, General Surgery LAC+USC Medical Center/USC University Hospital, Kenneth J. Norris Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA, Gary L. Dunnington, M.D and Fred A. Weaver, M.D.
6/1993-6/1994 Intern, Surgery, The Los Angeles County + University of Southern California (LAC+USC) Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, Gary L. Dunnington, M.D

Board Certifications

1/2002 American Board of Thoracic Surgery
1/2000 American Board of Surgery


Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 1/2004-8/2013
Assistant Professor, Departments of Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Oncology, David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, 8/2002-8/2004
Instructor, LAC+USC County Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, 7/1999-6/2000
Junior Faculty, Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Center and USC University Hospital, Los Angeles, CA, 7/1999-6/2000

Institutional Committee Activities

Member, Credential Committee of the Medical Staff, 9/2010-present
Member, Faculty Sentate, 9/2009-present
Member, VAT Committee, 2009-present
Member, Medical Practice Subcommittee, 1/2005-2008
Director, Esophageal Tumor Board, 1/2004-present

Honors and Awards

2011 Dwight C. McGoon Award, Thoracic Surgery Resident's Association (TSRA)
2010 Dwight C. McGoon Award, Thoracic Surgery Residents Association (TSRA)
2006 The Surgery Chief Resident Teaching Award, The University of Texas Houston Medical School, Department of Surgery
2005 Robert Ginsberg Surgical Oncology Award, The Radiation Therapy Oncology Group

Professional Memberships

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Member, 4/2012-present
American Association for Thoracic Surgery
Member, 1/2005-present
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Active member, 4/2009-present
Cooley Hands, Houston, TX
Member, 2008-present
Credentials Committee of the Medical Staff
Member, 11/2010-present
General Thoracic Surgical Club
Member, 2/2005-present
Harris County Medical Society, TX
Member, 7/2007-present
International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
Member, 3/2005-present
MDACC Faculty Senate
Member, 2012-present
NCCN Esophagus, Fort Washington, PA
Member, 2009-present
Society of Graduate Surgeons of the Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Member, 2000-present
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Member, 1/2007-present
Southern Thoracic Surgical Association
Member, 1/2004-present
Southwest Oncology Group
Member, 7/2007-present
Texas Medical Association, TX
Member, 7/2007-present
The American Board of Surgery
Member, 2/2000-present
The American Board of Thoracic Surgery
Member, 6/2003-present
The Society of Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Member, 2/2013-present
Value Analysis Team (VAT)
Product/Service Evaluator, 9/2012-present

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Francis AM, Sepesi B, Correa AM, Blum MA, Erasmus JJ, Lee JH, Maru DM, Mehran RJ, Rice DC, ROgh JA, Vaporciyan A, Walsh GL, Welsh JW, Swisher SG, Hofstetter WL, University of Texas MD Anderson Esophageal Cancer Group. The Influence of Histopathologic Tumor Vability on Long-term Survival and Recurrence Rates Following Neoadjuvant Therapy for Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. 9/2013. PMID: 24022442.
2. Cheedella NK, Suzuki A, Xiao L, Hofstetter WL, Maru DM, Taketa T, Sudo K, Blum MA, Lin SH, Welch J, Lee JH, Bhutani MS, Rice DC, Vaporciyan AA, Swisher SG, Ajani JA. Association between clinical complete response and pathological complete response after preoperative chemoradiation in patients with gastroesophageal cancer: analysis in a large cohort. Ann Oncol 24(5):1262-6, 5/2013. e-Pub 12/17/2012. PMCID: PMC3629896.
3. Wang J, Myles B, Wei C, Chang JY, Hofstetter WL, Ajani JA, Swisher SG, Cox JD, Komaki R, Liao Z, Lin SH. Obesity and outcomes in patients treated with chemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma. Dis Esophagus. e-Pub 4/26/2013. PMCID: PMC3740061.
4. Wadhwa R, Taketa T, Correa AM, Sudo K, Campagna MC, Blum MA, Komaki R, Skinner H, Lee JH, Bhutani MS, Weston B, Maru DM, Rice DC, Swisher S, Hofstetter WL, Ajani JA. Incidence of brain metastases after trimodality therapy in patients with esophageal or gastroesophageal cancer: implications for screening and surveillance. Oncology 85(4):204-7, 2013. e-Pub 9/19/2013. PMID: 24051869.
5. Taketa T, Xiao L, Sudo K, Suzuki A, Wadhwa R, Blum MA, Lee JH, Weston B, Bhutani MS, Skinner H, Komaki R, Maru DM, Rice DC, Swisher SG, Hofstetter WL, Ajani JA. Propensity-based matching between esophagogastric cancer patients who had surgery and who declined surgery after preoperative chemoradiation. Oncology 85(2):95-9, 2013. e-Pub 7/16/2013. PMID: 23860252.
6. Hayashi Y, Xiao L, Suzuki A, Blum MA, Sabloff B, Taketa T, Maru DM, Welsh J, Lin SH, Weston B, Lee JH, Bhutani MS, Hofstetter WL, Swisher SG, Ajani JA. A nomogram associated with high probability of malignant nodes in the surgical specimen after trimodality therapy of patients with oesophageal cancer. Eur J Cancer 48(18):3396-404, 12/2012. e-Pub 7/2012. PMID: 22853875.
7. Hofstetter, WL. "Current and Future Options for Treating Esophageal Cancer: A Paradigm Shift Toward Organ-Sparing Therapies". Texas Heart Institute Journal(Ms. No. THIJ-12-2841), 12/2012.
8. Blackmon SH, Stephens EH, Correa AM, Hofstetter W, Kim MP, Mehran RJ, Rice DC, Roth JA, Swisher SG, Walsh GL, Vaporciyan AA. Predictors of recurrent pulmonary metastases and survival after pulmonary metastasectomy for colorectal cancer. Ann Thorac Surg 94(6):1802-9, 12/2012. e-Pub 10/2012. PMID: 23063195.
9. Lin SH, Wang L, Myles B, Thall PF, Hofstetter WL, Swisher SG, Ajani JA, Cox JD, Komaki R, Liao Z. Propensity Score-based Comparison of Long-term Outcomes With 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy vs Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Esophageal Cancer. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 84(5):1078-85, 12/2012. e-Pub 8/2012. PMID: 22867894.
10. Sepesi B, Swisher SG, Walsh GL, Correa A, Mehran RJ, Rice D, Roth J, Vaporciyan A, Hofstetter WL. Omental reinforcement of the thoracic esophagogastric anastomosis: An analysis of leak and reintervention rates in patients undergoing planned and salvage esophagectomy. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 144(5):1146-51, 11/2012. e-Pub 8/2012. PMID: 22939861.
11. Thosani N, Lee JH, Hofstetter WL, Ajani JA, Guha S, Bhutani MS. Response. Gastrointest Endosc 76(5):1073-5, 11/2012. PMID: 23078931.
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14. Taketa T, Correa AM, Suzuki A, Blum MA, CHien P, Lee JH, Welsh J, Lin SH, Maru DM, Erasmus JJ, Bhutani MS, Weston B, Rice DC, Vaporciyan AA, Hofstetter WL, Swisher SG, Ajani JA. Outcome of Trimodallity-Eligible Esophagogastric Cancer Patients Who Declined Surgery after Preoperative Chemoradiation. Oncology 85(5):300-304, 9/2012. PMID: 22964903.
15. Ajani JA, Correa AM, Hofstetter WL, Rice DC, Blum MA, Suzuki A, Taketa T, Welsh J, Lin SH, Lee JH, Bhutani MS, Ross WA, Maru DM, Macapinlac HA, Erasmus J, Komaki R, Mehran RJ, Vaporciyan AA, Swisher SG. Clinical parameters model for predicting pathologic complete response following preoperative chemoradiation in patients with esophageal cancer. Ann Oncol. e-Pub 7/2012. PMID: 22831985.
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17. Hofstetter WL. Lymphadenectomy as a benchmark to surgical quality in esophagectomy: comment on "variation in lymph node examination after esophagectomy for cancer in the United States". Arch Surg 147(6):511-2, 6/2012. PMID: 22786537.
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Invited Articles

1. Hofstetter W. Invited commentary. Esophageal Leaks Repaired by Muscle Flaps. Ann Thorac Surg 88(3):973, 9/2009. PMID: 19699930.
2. Leung KK, Maru D, Abraham S, Hofstetter WL, Mehran R, Anandasabapathy S. Optical EMR: confocal endomicroscopy-targeted EMR of focal high-grade dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus. Gastrointest Endosc 69(1):170-2, 1/2009. e-Pub 6/2008. PMID: 18582880.
3. Rice D, Swisher S, Pisters K, Fossella F, Herbst R, Hofstetter W, Kies M, Komaki R, Lippman S, Mehran R, Roth J, Stewart D, Vaporciyan A, Walsh G, Cox J. Comment on "Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer stage IIIA: ACCP evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (2nd edition)". Chest 134(6):1349; author reply 1350, 12/2008. PMID: 19059972.
4. Martin LW, Hofstetter W, Swisher SG, Roth JA. Management of intrathoracic leaks following esophagectomy. Adv Surg 40:173-190, 2006. PMID: 17163101.
5. Hofstetter , WL. Diagnostic Advantages of EMR for Gastroesophageal Cancers. Gastrointestinal Medicine Oncology. Submitted.


1. Hofstetter WL. Invited commentary. Ann Thorac Surg 93(5):1681, 5/2012. PMID: 22541197.
2. Bhutani MS and Hofstetter WL. Transesophageal EUS and EUS-FNA for lung cancer. Where do we go from here? J Clin Gastroenterol 41(7):644-646, 8/2007. PMID: 17667046.


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Book Chapters

1. Hofstetter WL. Multimodality Treatment for Potentially Resectable Esophageal Cancer. In: Shackelford’s Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, Seventh Edition. Elsevier. In Press.
2. Bruzzi J, Marom EM, Hofstetter WL, McAleer MF. Esophageal Cancer. In: Oncologic Imagain A Multidisciplinary Approach. Elsevier Saunders, 211-230, 2012.
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5. Kim JY, Hofstetter WL. Tumors of the Mediastinum and Chest Wall. In: Surg Clin North Am. 90, 5. Saunders: Philadelphia, 1019-1040, e-Book 2010. ISBN: 20955881.

Letters to the Editor

1. Hofstetter WL, Swisher SG, and Ajani JA. The addition of induction chemotherapy to preoperative, concurrent chemoradiotherapy improves tumor response in patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma (Author reply to Correspondence). Cancer 109:1449, 1/2007.
2. Hofstetter WL, Ly P, Anthone G, Ortega AE, Vukasin P, and Beart RW Jr. Prevalence and distribution of anorectal misdiagnoses. West J of Med 168:549, 1998.

Grant & Contract Support

Title: Study of MAGE-A3 in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
Funding Source: GlaxoSmithKline
Role: Principal Investigator
Duration: 9/10/2008 - 9/30/2011

Last updated: 2/10/2014