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Xinming Liu, Ph.D., DABR

Present Title & Affiliation

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Department of Imaging Physics, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Program Faculty, Medical Physics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Dual/Joint/Adjunct Appointment

Faculty, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas, Houston, TX

Bio Statement

Xinming Liu received his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China in 1996. He completed his postdoctoral training at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and began his academic career in the Division of Diagnostic Imaging at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in 1998. Dr. Liu holds a joint position at The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Houston.

Dr. Liu is board-certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and a licensed medical physicist with specialties in Diagnostic Radiologic Physics supporting CT clinical operation in the Division of Diagnostic Imaging. His clinical activities are focused on CT protocol optimization, CT protocol management, and CT radiation dose management. His research interests are the development and applications of digital imaging techniques for cancer detection and evaluation.

Research Interests

  • Medical image quality measurement & evaluation 
  • Digital radiography & digital mammography
  • Digital imaging detector techniques  
  • Biomedical instrumentation

Clinical Interests

  • CT protocol optimization
  • CT protocol management
  • CT radiation dose management

Office Address

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1400 Pressler Street
Unit Number: 1472
Houston, TX 77030
Room Number: FCT14.6094
Phone: (713) 745-2834
Fax: (713) 745-0581

Education & Training

Degree-Granting Education

1996 Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, PHD, Biomedical Engineering & Instrumentation

Postgraduate Training

7/1997-7/1998 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Board Certifications

6/2008 American Board of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiologic Physics


Institutional Committee Activities

Member, Faculty Academic Review Committee, 2015
Member, Radiation Safety Committee, 2014

Professional Memberships

American Association of Physicist in Medicine
Member, 1998-present
American College of Radiology
Member, 2014-present
IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Member, 2005-present
SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering
Member, 1999-present

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Original Research Articles

1. Dodge C, Tamm E, Cody D, Liu X, Jensen C, Wei W, Kundra V, Rong J. Performance Evaluation of Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms for Achieving CT Radiation Dose Reduction – A Phantom Study. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 17(2):511-531, 2/2016.
2. Huang JY, Kerns JR, Nute JL, Liu X, Balter PA, Stingo FC, Followill DS, Mirkovic D, Howell RM, Kry SF. An evaluation of three commercially available metal artifact reduction methods for CT imaging. Phys Med Biol 60(3):1047-1067, 2/2015. e-Pub 1/2015. PMCID: PMC4311882.
3. Liu X, Lai CJ, Whitman GJ, Geiser WR, Shen Y, Yi Y, Shaw CC. Effects of exposure equalization on image signal-to-noise ratios in digital mammography: A simulation study with an anthropomorphic breast phantom. Med Phys 38(12):6489-6501, 12/2011. PMCID: PMC3247925.
4. Shen Y, Yi Y, Zhong Y, Lai CJ, Liu X, You Z, Ge S, Wang T, Shaw CC. High resolution dual detector volume-of-interest cone beam breast CT - demonstration with a bench top system. Med Phys 38(12):6429-6442, 12/2011. PMCID: PMC3230641.
5. Yi Y, Lai CJ, Han T, Zhong Y, Shen Y, Liu X, Ge S, You Z, Wang T, Shaw CC. Radiation doses in cone-beam breast computed tomography: A Monte Carlo simulation study. Med Phys 38(2):589-97, 2/2011. PMCID: PMC3030614.
6. Liu X, Shaw CC, Lai CJ, Wang T. Comparison of scatter rejection and low contrast performance of scan equalization digital radiography (SEDR), slot-scan digital radiography and full-field digital radiography systems for chest phantom imaging. Med Phys 38(1):23-33, 1/2011. PMCID: PMC3017579.
7. Lai CJ, Chen L, Zhang H, Liu X, Zhong Y, Shen Y, Han T, Ge S, Yi Y, Wang T, Yang WT, Whitman GJ, Shaw CC. Reduction in x-ray scatter and radiation dose for volume-of-interest (VOI) cone beam breast CT: a phantom study. Phys Med Biol 54(21):6691-6709, 11/2009. PMCID: PMC2855392.
8. Liu X, Lai CJ, Chen L, Han T, Zhong Y, Shen Y, Wang T, Shaw CC. Scan equalization digital radiography (SEDR) implemented with an amorphous selenium flat-panel detector: initial experience. Phys Med Biol 54(22):6959-6978, 11/2009. PMCID: PMC2855213.
9. Chen L, Shen Y, Lai CJ, Han T, Zhong Y, Ge S, Liu X, Wang T, Yang WT, Whitman GJ, Shaw CC. Dual resolution cone beam breast CT: a feasibility study. Med Phys 36(9):4007-14, 9/2009. PMCID: PMC2738741.
10. Chen L, Shaw CC, Altunbas M, Lai C, Liu X, Han T, Wang T, Whitman G. Feasibility of Volume-of-interest (VOI) scanning technique in cone beam breast CT - a preliminary study. Med Phys 35(8):3482-3490, 8/2008. PMCID: PMC2809707.
11. Liu X, Shaw CC, Lai C, Altunbas M, Chen L, Han T, Wang T. Scatter rejection and low-contrast performance of a slot-scan digital chest radiography system with electronic aft-collimation: A chest phantom study. Med Phys 35(6):2391-2402, 6/2008. PMCID: PMC2809722.
12. Chen L, Shaw CC, Altunbas M, Lai C, and Liu X. Spatial resolution properties in cone beam CT: A simulation study. Med Phys 35(2):724-734, 2/2008. PMCID: PMC2857694.
13. Altunbas MC, Shaw CC, Chen L, Lai C,Liu X, Han T, Wang T. A post-reconstruction method to correct cupping artifacts in cone beam breast computed tomography. Med Phys 34(7):3109-3118, 7/2007. PMCID: PMC1995653.
14. Liu X, Shaw CC. Rejection and redistribution of scattered radiation in Scan Equalization Digital Radiography (SEDR): simulation with spot images. Med Phys 34(7):2718-2729, 7/2007. PMCID: PMC2841411.
15. Lai CJ, Shaw CC, Chen L, Altunbas MC, Liu X, Han T, Wang T, Yang WT, Whitman GJ, Tu SJ. Visibility of microcalcification in cone beam breast CT - Effects of x-ray tube voltage and radiation dose. Med Phys 34(7):2995-3004, 7/2007. PMCID: PMC2867610.
16. Liu X, Shaw CC, Altunbas MC, Wang T. An alternate line erasure and readout (ALER) method for implementing slot-scan imaging technique with a flat-panel detector--initial experiences. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 25(4):496-502, 4/2006. PMCID: PMC2000378.
17. Liu X, Shaw CC. A-Si:H/CsI(Tl) flat-panel versus computed radiography for chest imaging applications: image quality metrics measurement. Med Phys 31(1):98-110, 1/2004. PMID: 14761026.
18. Rong XJ, Shaw CC, Johnston DA, Lemacks MR, Liu X, Whitman GJ, Dryden MJ, Stephens TW, Thompson SK, Krugh KT, Lai CJ. Microcalcification detectability for four mammographic detectors: flat-panel, CCD, CR, and screen/film). Med Physics 29(9):2052-61, 9/2002. PMID: 12349926.
19. Lemacks MR, Kappadath SC, Shaw CC, Liu X, Whitman GJ. A dual-energy subtraction technique for microcalcification imaging in digital mammography--a signal-to-noise analysis. Med Physics 29(8):1739-51, 8/2002. PMID: 12201421.
20. Rong XJ, Shaw CC, Liu X, Lemacks MR, Thompson SK. Comparison of an amorphous silicon/cesium iodide flat-panel digital chest radiography system with screen/film and computed radiography systems--a contrast-detail phantom study. Medical Physics 28(11):2328-35, 11/2001. PMID: 11764040.
21. Liu X, Shaw C. Regional Improvement of Signal-to-Noise and Contrast-to-Noise Ratios in Dual-Screen CR Chest Imaging - A Phantom Study. Medical Physics 28(6):1080-1092, 6/2001. PMID: 11439477.

Book Chapters

1. Whitman G, Lai C, Liu X, Itani M, Khisty R, Shaw C. Breast computed tomography. In: Digital Mammography: A Practical Approach. Ed(s) Whitman G and Haygood T. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom, 192, 2013. ISBN: 9780521763721.

Grant & Contract Support

Title: DTS Imaging with a Digitally Addressable X-Ray Source (DAXS)
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 5/1/2010 - 2/28/2015
Title: A Dual Resolution Cone Beam CT System for 3-D Breast Imaging
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 9/1/2007 - 8/31/2012
Title: Optimized Digital Mammography with an a-Se FP Imager
Funding Source: NIH/NCI
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 6/1/2004 - 5/31/2011
Title: aSi/CsI FP Digital Chest Imaging with Scatter Rejection and Exposure Equalization
Funding Source: NIH/NIBIB
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris C. Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 4/1/2002 - 3/31/2010
Title: Dual-Energy Digital Mammography with a Full-Field aSi/Csl Flat-panel Imager
Funding Source: DOD/Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (DOD/CDMRP)
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris C. Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 9/1/2000 - 8/31/2005
Title: Asymmetric Dual-Screen CR Chest Imaging
Funding Source: National Cancer Institute
Role: Co-Investigator
Principal Investigator: Chris C. Shaw, Ph.D.
Duration: 3/1/1997 - 2/28/2005

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